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    How did the talk with the teacher go? Do you feel you got anywhere with her?
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    Sorry I disappeared for a while. husband is sick and working from home...That means he is hogging my computer all the time. Finally got it back from him for a few minutes. I'm going to sanitize my hands after touching this keyboard.

    The talk with the teacher was the same as always...She nods and smiles and just does not get it. Sometimes I think she doesn't really believe he has tics. She seems to think all of his motions are voluntary. Believe me, if he could stop the facial grimaces, he would. They are no fun for him.

    I have decided to contact the person with the SD who oversees Special Education at Bug's school and ask her to intervene. I want to maintain a good relationship with the social skills teacher, but I also don't want her to harm Bug with her pseudo tic therapy.

    Thanks for asking.
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    Ugh....hope husband is feeling better soon. I'm not sure Lysol spray is good for computers! :tongue:

    Sounds like a good plan with the teacher/school. It always amazes me how well educated people can be so clueless on known things sometimes. How can anyone in today's society, especially someone as educated as this person has to be, NOT have heard of Tourette's Syndrome? I see things on TV about it fairly often. HOpefully she'll clue in sometime soon.