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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Mar 6, 2009.

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    After that difficult first week, I have been very pleased with the new ED program that Tigger is in. We had our big meeting to get everyone on the same page and the new school really hustled to get the accomodations in place that we decided on. Tig has a tent in the classroom that he can crawl into if he feels the need to cool down. He has had positive peer interaction opportunities each day - some with the MMR kids, some with the Learning Disability (LD) kids and some with gen ed friends. He is also (are you sitting down) doing academic work and even doing homework with me! They've started him with work that is pretty easy for him to give him some success (i.e. only 5 spelling words at a time, 4 he already knows and 1 new one).

    We added Buspar to his medications so that is helping with his anxiety.

    He is also enjoying the warm weather to play outside with the neighborhood kids. So far so good. Some girls were being silly/picking on him but he just ignored them!!

    husband has been making Saturdays "boys day" and hanging out with the two boys. They are loving the attention.
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    Wow, that sounds so encouraging! It's good they are not pushing him too hard with the academics. Baby steps, right? They can slowly add more as he's ready and sees that he can do it.

    Glad he was able to ignore the teasing. That's a big thing to be able to do.

    Hope he has a fun Saturday with dad! I'm finding that dad time is very therapeutic for my boys :)
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    Fingers crossed.
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    Glad you are having some success with him. I can hear that big sigh of relief just about to come out.
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    I'm thrilled to hear a positive report from the Poo household! You were due a break. Glad to hear the tent is helping. I tell manster to visualize a bubble around himself when he's nervous. Good stuff :) ML
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    What a great post!!! What a nice thing for you, must be a good feeling. Take a moment and let the breath that you have been holding out.... sigh....