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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, May 4, 2009.

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    Tigger has been suspended for the week for hitting a teacher during a rage. When I asked the teacher what triggered the rage she said " I don't know". Okay, the whole point of an emotional support classroom is that they can intervene before the meltdown. Uuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhh!

    Tigger said he's mad at the teacher because she never helps him calm down. (He doesn't know he is suspended, he thinks he's going to homeschool this week because he is still not feeling great --sad/scared.)

    The supervisor agreed that it is a manifestation of his disability but since we are trying to "survive" the remaining 23 days I said I won't fight this suspension if they put him on homebound for the last 18 days and a fresh start next year (they fired the teacher and are getting a new one). I just need a doctor's note -- hopefully he'll sign one.
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Did you mean they fired the current teacher? The one he hit?

    I can't believe she would give such a lame explanation for his outburst! Especially given the type of classroom she's supposed to be running!

    Well, it's probably best that he not go back in there. I can't imagine the doctor not signing the note for his homebound instruction.

    Hope he is able to settle back down soon. Poor kid! That teacher really let him down.
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    They "did not renew the contract" for the lead teacher. He actually hit the social worker but its the teacher that is pushing for the suspension. At his last IEP meeting she tried to claim that Tigger hurt the SW but the SW denied it. This time the rage started with the lead teacher and the social worker tried to help. Tigger did apologize to the SW before we left.

    (He punched her arm.)
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    Has Tigger's depakote level been checked recently? I would be curious what the number is? Sorry he had the blow out at school, usually there is a trigger but not always. Here when I see blow outs without triggers it usually means time to "tweek" the medications a little bit.
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    His Depakote is way out of whack. He is stable at around 100. His level dropped to 62 and with medication increases is only up to 73. The doctor has done two medication increases and wants to wait until the 15th to try anything new.
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    I'm sorry. Did I read this right, that he will stay homebound the rest of the year if you can get a dr's note? Crossing my fingers he'll sign it.
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    Yikes! Kids are constantly growing and changing and the way they metabolize the medications seems to change too. I hope you're not headed into the same nightmare I went thru with Angel; she was very stable on Depakote for about 2 years then levels started doing really weird things, the thyroid problem showed up around that time also. Went thru 3 years of medication trials with several inpatient stays then went back to depakote, got 18 months good and now we are back to the medication trials again. Fingers crossed that you get the level back where it needs to be. Sometimes I wish instead of parenting classes they would offer me a crystal ball because that's what I feel like I really need.
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    I wish someone would develop an at home blood testing kit (like they have for diabetics) to test for Depakote levels and liver function.
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    Holy cow. What a mess.
    I am so sorry.
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    Tigger is doing very well at home. He did more work for me today than he did at school all week. I had prepared a lesson plan and he finished it so fast that tomorrow I will need to have more work ready!

    I was going to homeschool all 3 of my younger ones this summer anyway -- they are all still so far behind despite all having normal IQs. So I'm just getting a head start :)