Tigger's school placement for fall will be....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, May 30, 2012.

  1. JJJ

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    His HOME SCHOOL!!!!

    While Tigger has never been placed out of our town, this year he was sent to the far side of town, he knew a small handful of kids at that school and will not be going to the same high school as any of those kids. He had a great year and the school agreed that they thought he could handle the home junior high (the other jr high has a ED class and our home school has the Functional class; both schools have Learning Disability (LD) rooms).

    His current teacher is not happy because he will be in the mid-Learning Disability (LD) room for 75% of his day...only going out for gym, art and homeroom. I was hoping for reading in the higher-Learning Disability (LD) room but I am content that he will be at his home school. I hope we can move him up to the higher reading room at the end of the first trimester. (There are 3 Learning Disability (LD)/CI rooms... low (kindergarten-early 2nd academically) mid (mid-2nd to 4th grade) and high (5th grade and up). Tigger is right around 4th grade academically.
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    So glad he is going back to home school it will help making friends that won't involve parents having to drive to meet outside school. Also when going on to high school it will help to have some familiar faces there.

    Most of the Learning Disability (LD) classrooms I've seen they let the kids work at their level. R's old Learning Disability (LD) teacher went and got the gen ed math book for her because the workbooks she had weren't challenging enough. Actually I think being one of the higher functioning kids helped her self esteem because after so many years trying to catch up to the gen ed kids she finally got to be the "smart one".
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    So happy for Tigger! I remember you were really hoping for that and it actually is happening for him. Good stuff. enjoy.
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    Wonderful! So glad he will be in his home school. I am sure he will continue to make great gains!
  5. Hopeless

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    Wonderful news!
  6. JJJ

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    What is so wonderful is that Tigger gained more than a year in reading ability this year! It might be possible for him to catch up!
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    Thumbs up!! I don't know how you deal with all you do but kuddos to you!
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    Reading "tends" to be that way... at some point they hit the sweet spot in the curve... and it just takes off.
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    You know how all those growth and development charts for children always look like a ramp when plotted out? My son was never on that ramp- he always seemed to drag out until the borderline of "average" then leap up a giant step. It sounds like your difficult child might be doing this too- at least as far as reading.
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    Way to go!!! That is awesome.
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    Congratulations! On both the school placement and the reading. :choir:
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    Very good! I'm glad your "travel" issues have been resolved. I hope it works out well this coming year.
  13. JJJ

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    Next year will be awesome! husband will drop Eeyore and Piglet at school on his way to work. Tigger will take a short bus. I can stay in my pj's until 2pm!