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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Jul 13, 2008.

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    I have really appreciated the threads on money saving ideas. I joined the grocergame.com and for $1 I'll try it for a month. I have to weigh the savings with the cost of the service but it's been nice having a list of all the best buys, combining with coupons, all the work done for you. It's a balance between time and money all the time. Both are commodities that I am short on.

    I'm also doing extra cooking on the weekends so that when we come home after work and difficult child's TKD at 7:30 I can just throw dinner in the wave. Last week I put a roast in the crockpot and made bbq beef, meatballs to make an easy spaghetti dinner and froze taco meat too.

    I'm also weighing the value of paying for a tutor to come to difficult child's daycare a few times a week to have homework done. Otherwise it just won't work. I want to keep up the TKD because it's the only physical activity he does and I think it's good for him. So we can't be coming home at 7:30 and have dinner, unwind and have time for homework battles too. These battles leave both of us bloody messes daily during the school year. Not good.

    I thank you all for the steady stream of great ideas. This site has had a wonderful influence in my life on many levels :)

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    Ohhhh, neat, Michele.
    I can't take credit, but I will agree, it's a great group.
    I like the idea of doing meals ahead of time, too.
    And crock pots are great.
    We used a tutor for difficult child because he absolutely wouldn't listen to us. Something are worth more than their wt in gold!
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    I usually take the free time I have when Tink is with her dad to cook up a few things.

    Granted, I am the only one who eats it, but one of these years Tink might try something besides pasta.

    The price of food right now is enough to make baby Jesus cry.
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    Wow, ML- you have a lot on your plate. I'm a single working mom and we wouldn't survive without leftovers. :) But, the leftovers are planned- I cook about 3 times a week. I grill on weekends (chicken, beef, etc.) and we can eat that as meat at least twice in the upcoming days. I will make spaghetti (with- salad) or chilli- something along those lines, and we can eat on that two times during the week. Then, it might be fried pork chops (not healthy, I know), baked fish, or something else that is quick and easy.

    So, even though we eat left-overs, it isn't exactly like we are eating some horrible meal several times in a row.