Time for a BABY check in -Mom's, Aunties, Grammies, Mimi's

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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Okay all you new Mommies, New Grandmas, and (Mimis eagerly awaiting ultra sound pictures) ;)


    I'm talking to YOU -
    NVTS, Trinity, Wolfens, Suz, Ponygirl, Everywoman, Donna723, DammitJanet, LIAMS GRANDMA WHERE ARE YOU WITH PICTURES?? lol.....Stang...wasn't there 2 babies in your world this year?? Has ANYONE heard from MeowBunny and how her daughter is doing? -Oh if I have forgotten your baby or your grandchild please forgive me...and lets see some coochie coochie coo-coo here.

  2. CrazyinVA

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  3. Estherfromjerusalem

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    What a sweetie-pie!

    Love, Esther
  4. trinityroyal

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    OMG CinVa, he's so CUTE! What a precious smile.

    I think husband has a bunch of new pictures, but he hasn't downloaded them. I will nag, and then post.

  5. Ephchap

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    I'm a Mimi and checking in. :) I have to figure out how to upload a picture of my little guy, who is 1-1/2. I think I did it before but my old brain can't remember how. lol.

  6. donna723

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    You certainly don't have to ask ME twice to show off pictures of my grandson! Bet you can tell I'm a first-timer, huh! But now I don't remember which pictures I've posted here before and which ones I haven't. If I'm repeating, just ignore me.

    Hard to believe it but Ethan is 6-1/2 months old now and his first two teeth just popped through! This one was taken about two weeks ago, right about the time that his hair suddenly decided to lay down instead of sticking straight up like Einstein! Almost overnight his hair grew that extra little 1/100th of an inch that weighted it down. I love this little picture. I'm having an artist make a colored pencil sketch of it to give them for Christmas. I had another one done too but then they sent this one and I like it better.


    And this one was taken about a week ago. After having their two large dogs in his face ever since he was two days old, he has suddenly noticed them! And now he loves to go outside when the dogs go out and he giggles when they chase each other around the yard. So they decided to introduce him to more animals and it just happened to be the week that the Fair was in town ... so they took him and he LOVED it! She said he was fascinated with the animals and all the noise and commotion of a Fair. In this one, he's petting the nose of a cow for the very first time. My daughter will kill me for posting this picture ... sssssh! Don't tell. Nobody looks their best with no make up, hair pinned back, tromping through a cow barn at the Fair!


    And in this one he's just taking it all in at the Fair. She said this was just about the only time that whole afternoon that he wasn't smiling!

  7. DammitJanet

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    Well...I just got a text message last night (FINALLY!) with a couple of pics of the newest one and I am tickled to say that my chin has remained...lol.

    He clearly has my cleft chin. It is becoming more and more pronounced as each day passes. I was right on the money the moment I touched his little chin...lol. Tony told Jamie that it is because they wouldnt name him Scott so I was darned and determined to get in there someway. LOL. Other than that he looks exactly like Jamie. Exactly...down to the hairline. With Jamies short haircut, they look like twins...lmao.

    Keyana is doing very well. Loves my new phone to death. She can watch her beloved Hanna on it. She loves her school. She is growing up to be just such a pleasant little girl. Who would have thought Cory could have produced such a delightful child? LOL.

    Hailie...well...Hailie is hailie. Hmm...that is always how I answered about Cory. How odd!
  8. mstang67chic

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    Daaaaang....it's true. We DO have some pretty durn good looking kids on this board!

    Here is a recent picture of the grand-nephew (that's NEPHEW people!!! LOL NOT grandson). He's got the biggest eyes!


    This is one of the niece. Grandma and Aunt S were raking leaves so niece and I decided to supervise. She's had an ear infection so I put a hat on. Aunt S decided she also needed the fuzzy boots she bought her.....which niece tried to eat, of course.

    http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj161/mstang67chic/Ayla Lynne/downsized951109091508.jpg
  9. everywoman

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    I got to keep both babies (well, JJ says he is a grownup since he now potties standing up and drives his tractor around the yard). Miss Violet is now 5 1/2 months. JJ is 3y 5 months. They were so much fun and so easy to care for. Although, getting up several times a night is not something I miss!
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Crazy OMG your grandson is adorable. LOL :D

    Stang your great nephew does have huge eyes.......and I predict he's gonna be a lady killer someday. And neice just keeps getting prettier and prettier. (Mom's gonna need a shotgun.)

    Donna you're lil guy is just too cute......such a happy baby you can tell.

    Janet I want to see that cleff chin as soon as you have pics uploaded.:D

    EW OMG JJ is getting sooooooo BIG!! And the little one.....you really needed a warning on that first picture.....I spewed pepsi. lol She's adorable and that first picture made me laugh so hard.

    Good idea Star. I really needed this tonight. Nothing better than little one's to cheer you up.

    As for mine......I'm still waiting on Nichole to return my camera.

    Darrin is reading and doing math. I guess this is the new thing for kindergardeners?? He's soooo proud of himself. lol And Brandon is crawling and pulling up. And he says Nana now. :D

    Aubrey.........dare I say it?? Is finally potty trained it seems. Nichole has threatened boyfriend's life if she catches a pull up within 100 feet of the child. lol

    I love her to death......and she can be my buddy big time.......but this little girl is gonna be a difficult child. Mix her Mom's personality with inconsistant parenting.......oh boy! Nichole is in for a rough ride ahead.:faint:

    Nichole keeps saying.......Now I understood why you'd never let me leave the table until my plate was clean.......or .........so that's why you never gave in. LOL Too bad she can't get boyfriend convinced.

    Kayla........with a heavy duty suggestion from me.......has gotten all A's this report card, first time ever for her to get above a C. She's using Nichole's tricks for dyslexia and it's paying off for her big time. :D Alex is now beginning simple words......about early kindergarden/late pre-school level and is starting simple math problems. SE teacher has been working really hard with him this year and he just adores her so is working hard to please. :D
  11. KTMom91

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    Haven't gotten a recent ultrasound of Madeline. Don't know if K's been back to the doctor's for one. But just wait till February, folks...
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Than you all so much. With today being the 2nd Friday the 13th of the year our house was having a bit of a difficult morning remembering our loss. Then I came here and saw all the beautiful new little faces. :D Makes you realize there is so much hope, wonder and love. That's a good thing.

    ALL of these babies are just beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest.
  13. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I will have to post a picture from home, can't seem to do it here, but C baby is now 4 1/2 months old, has a tooth and a bad case of the giggles, and rolls all over creation. He's started pulling up to his hands and knees and rocking, so its not gonna be long before he's on the go!

    The kids take pics on their phones and send them to me about twice a week. C baby is usually wearing a t shirt or bib that makes some reference to grandma spoiling him.

    I finished his Christmas stocking last night. Now, his mama wants one, so I'll be starting another for her!
  14. jbrain

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    Hi Star,
    Liam's grandma checking in. I haven't posted pics because I have no idea how to do it! Plus, I don't have many either....anyway, I think he is okay. He just turned a year old and E says that he can say "up" and "no". He's a big boy and she's a small girl (only 4'11" and about 95 lbs). He is mostly staying with her friends right now because she has mono. That's a whole other story!

    Thanks so much for asking!

  15. DammitJanet

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    Janet, I'm so glad the baby got the cleft chin! Ethan's got one too, just like his daddy has - Allison was sooo hoping that he would inherit it. You can see it now but you couldn't when he was a newborn. But even when he was just tiny you could run the tip of your finger over his chin and you could feel the two little bumps where it was going to be.
  17. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I could feel it at birth...and my eyes could see it, but everyone kept telling me I was imagining it. LOL. Im surprised really it is as pronounced as it is already! That tells me the (my maiden name) gene is really strong there...lmao. Maybe he will get lots of my genes which isnt a bad thing. That side of the family is extremely intelligent, very long-lived, and very good looking! He could do worse...lol.
  18. nvts

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    Hey! I'll put something on photobucket either tonight or early this week - I'm having trouble downloading from the camera to the easy child and then from easy child to photobucket.

  19. Hound dog

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    Janet Michael is a doll!!!! :D :D And I agree with you. He looks alot like his daddy. lol
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