Time for a laugh (or sympathetic smile)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by HaoZi, Oct 27, 2010.

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    This is great!!! difficult child is only 14 but I wake him by allowing his goldendoodle puppy to jump on him - diva puppy doesn't like it though when sweet puppy greets her and difficult child in the morning since she usually sleeps on the bed and is just like a teenager when it comes to waking up. So, I get to wake up difficult child and diva puppy all in one swoop!
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    LOL Yeah a friend of mine posted this on facebook, so I've seen it already. But I never attempted to wake teens. They had an alarm clock and if they were late they were late and had to deal with it. Easiest way to handle it in my opinion. ;)
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    That was great! I've bookmarked the blog and enjoyed it so much I posted it on my fb page!


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    LOL a non-board friend sent this to me, I posted it on my fb page... Yup, it's right!
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    Lisa, easiest way except when your kids don't care if they're late - or miss altogether.

    difficult child gets herself up. Amazing, I know. D was a different story. It was like trying to wake the dead. He'd curl up in a ball, whine, yell...he'd do it all. So, I would just stand in his room and in a really annoying monotone voice say his name over and over and over and over and over, without stopping until he got annoyed enough that he got up. Sitting up didn't count. He had to be physically out of the bed.

    Toward the end of his school years even that didn't work. I was so glad when he was out of school. He's not this way about getting up for work.
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    I have found that, in addition to the method recommended here, singing a rousing rendition of "Roll Out the Barrel" or some other old-time singalong songs (My personal favourite is "We're Going to Hang Out the Washing On The Ziegfried Line" from WWII) gets them going in a hurry. Nothing more embarrassing to a teen than a mom who likes to sing. Old-time songs. LOUDLY. At ungodly hours of the morning. With a husband who will chime in, in harmony no less...just to add to the effect. They will even get out of bed, if only to make. it. stop.