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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, May 23, 2012.

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    Tomorrow husband and I will need to do some investigating. difficult child told us today that his Special Education teacher shoved him against the lockers last week. He hadn't mentioned it to us but apparently another teacher saw it and told one of his aides to tell him to talk to us about it. He also apparently has been poking difficult child when he taps others to get their attention. Obviously difficult child should not be doing this but neither should the teacher. I guess difficult child is maturing somewhat because in the past he would have hit the teacher.

    I guess we will start by reporting it to the Special Education principal. I've never cared for this case manager but figured it was the luck of the draw. Now I will be requesting a new case manager for next year!

    Any other suggestions on how to go about this?
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    I think that sounds like a great plan. Apparently this case manager has an issue with difficult child. I'm glad you know and can do something about it. Do you know what teacher saw it happen? That would help if you could give them that name so they can verify it. The only other thing I would suggest is to make sure to keep talking to difficult child about how he feels about it and that you're there to protect him. He might not think it's a big deal but, using your role as a teacher, make sure he knows how unethical and abusive these kinds of actions are. Good for him for not hauling off on the teacher!!! That's progress.
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    Wiped Out,

    It rots big time when something like this happens - Really gets my blood boiling!! I always felt the best way of handling a major problem was to hand deliver a letter to the sped director stating exactly what happened, the date and approximate time of the incident, then requesting a response as to what will be done to ensure this NEVER happens again. By putting the incident in writing, hand delivering it, and keeping a copy for your records, there is a permanent record of the problem and the Special Education principal will be forced into immediate action.

    However, in your case, I realize this might be difficult to do as you probably want to keep things on a more friendly level. However, if the Special Education principal is a reasonable person, he/she should understand the seriousness of this incident and know that if in the same position, he/she would most likely handle the situation the same way. As I was typing this, a thought popped into my mind. Maybe, it would seem a bit less harsh if you called the Special Education principal first, discussed the incident over the phone, and then sent a follow up letter summarizing what was said during the call. I think I would still hand deliver the follow up letter though. Just my two cents...

    So sorry this happened!! You've worked so hard to help your difficult child understand that violence is never acceptable and then someone who your difficult child is supposed to look up to, respect, not only pokes him but shoves him into a locker... I'm going to get off of my soapbox before I even get started! SFR
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    I think you have a good "plan of attack" for handling this. This makes me so mad too. Good for difficult child for not slugging the teacher!
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    I am shocked the teacher who witnessed it did not contact CPS directly or admin. When my son was in second grade, in a therapeutic school, he was roughly manhandled by his new female teacher with a shove to the chest. My child did nothing inappropriate or dangerous to provoke it. Another teacher and an aide witnessed it & contacted admin and CPS was called and she was fired immediatley. If what really happened went down like you've been told, if admin doesn't step with an investigation I would call CPS personally.
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    I agree with jal- the teacher who saw this happen has an obligation to report it, I'm sorry that they didn't. However, I do like how you are thinking of handling the situation.
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    Lots of times teachers have to stick together on this stuff or be fired themselves for telling. If you are going to get the other teachers/aide involved they might do an anonymous note instead of coming forward.

    I hope they listen to you. Good luck.
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    Thanks Ladies! husband tried calling the Special Education principal today with no luck so he sent her an e-mail. I will let you know what response we get!
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    Oh Sharon you must have been sick when you heard that. Especially as a fellow teacher who would never do that to a student. How sickening. Q was shoved in a locker by a mainstream teacher (hadn't been told of his blurting issues and thought he was just being disrespectful...this was fourth grade!) I was told by others too and they also didn't call cps. It is amazing to me. I wish I would have now looking back. Heck, they called on me because Q said I scratched him....cps dropped it but still a little scratch during a defensive move versus pushing him into lockers??? I dont get it.

    It is anonymous so they should still call. If admin does not call once they know THAT is a big problem. Same problem we are hving and disability law is still working on it.