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    V got his private speech evaluation and therapy started. To Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), V has some obvious processing issues (would explain the social communication delay showed on psychiatric. report). Should I share this info with SD before or after their own speech screening? (yep, I know. screening not real evaluation... yet). The speech screening will be conducted at the end of next week.
    I believe timing has to be right, but I'm really not sure which is better.
    Do I want to share it first and send a clear message "I know some is wrong so cut the bs", or do I give them a chance and confront them afterwards if need be?
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    Personally, since they are balking anyway, I would wait until AFTER they do theirs and have your Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) at the meeting so they can take it up with him. You already know they aren't going to "find" any issues. Hopefully he will be available. You might want to talk to him about it now so he can maybe plan around it. Explain to him what school has said so far and that you REALLY need V to get the help he needs at school and they might listen to him more than they would you relaying information. I wouldn't tell the SD ahead of time because then they will put all their focus on trying to disprove your information. JMHO of course.