First of all, my computer finally crashed and I am just now able to use it again. Sorry for my absence...and when I needed it the most too!

So Tink ended up staying in the psychiatric hospital for a month. Last Monday they discharged her. I knew she wasn't ready. The very next day she went back in.

She seemed great, and asked to go back to school. She attended school on Tuesday and did "preeetty good" according to the teacher. Came home, had a snack, and when I pulled out her homework she went nuts. Throwing furniture around, smashing food into the walls and grinding it into the carpet, took a sharpie and wrote "LOSER" on the bathroom vanity. I called 911. When the cops showed up she ran out onto the patio with the intent of jumping the bannister to get away. We live on the 2nd floor. Thank goodness the cops caught her. I have never in my life seen her like that before.

I asked the doctor to take her off the Lithium. She is still on the Seroquil. I am numb and ready to jump the balcony myself. I have to get rid of my cats before she comes back again, she is terrorizing them.



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I am so very sad at how Tink is feeling right now. I wish her poor little brain could find some peace.
I wish your heart could find solace right now. I know no amount of hugs or I am sorry can make things better.
But my shoulder and my heart are here for you. My tears understand that feeling of wondering where you child went.

Is there any talk of an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for her? This might be a choice she needs right now after she gets a bit stabilized.

Try to hang in there, she needs you.


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BBK... I am with you... I am sending you and Tink both as many hugs as I can squeeze through the keyboard right now. I know it's hard. But you are doing great - don't jump that balcony just yet, I think an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is an excellent idea.


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I am SO sorry that she is this unstable, is hurting this much. It just stinks.

I have been keeping you close in my heart. Hopefully the docs will figure out a way to help her soon.

Please take time whenever you can to rest and build your strength up. Our kids take a whole lot out of us.

Just know that I am thinking of you, even when you cannot see me, or read my words on a monitor.

Be gentle with my Kitty! Many hugs going to Tink also. She must be very scared.


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Been thinking and wondering about you both. I can't imagine how hard it's been for you. And then having to send her straight back -- well, if she needs to be there (and clearly she does) then so be it. I hope they can really get the medications straightened out this time. No point sending her home to have this happen again, or maybe worse.



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Oh your post made me cry. I am so so sad for you and Tink. I would never wish the pain I have gone thru with Matt on anyone, let alone someone I care about. So many hugs are being sent your way.

I don't know what to say, except that I wouldn't jump into Residential Treatment Center (RTC) too soon.

What other medications has she been on besides Lithium? Lamictal? Depakote? Other mood stabs?

Don't give up hope. She will stabilize, it just sounds like the medications have made things worse - coupled with the sudden change from complete structure, to none. Do they have a day hospital that she can slowly transition from phopsh to home with? It sounds like coming home suddenly was just too much at once.

Prayers, peace, and hugs.

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Oh BBK, wish there was something I could do or say to help. Please know you and Tink are in my prayers.