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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Jan 9, 2012.

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    I used to have a lot of battles with my son over brushing teeth. Sound familiar? First I bought him a Spiderman electric toothbrush, which helped, though he was still never keen. Then one day his breath smelled of something - not very pleasant - and I remarked on it. He immediately went to brush his teeth, unasked. Since then, I have occasionally pretended his breath smells and he goes off with great enthusiasm to brush his teeth. He now mainly does it unasked and unaided, morning and night - an incredible turnaround! It may not last (in the way of these things) but fwiw, I share it.
  2. AnnieO

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    I wish this worked with Jett!

    You can tell him his teeth need brushing, that his breath needs freshening, and any number of other things... And he still won't!

    on the other hand, if you just tell him to do it, after the "I already did" "Let me see your tongue"... He doesn't argue past that. It's just too obvious!

    And wouldn't you know, he has the best teeth in the family. Sigh.
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    Lucky you! difficult child just breathed in my face and I almost died!
    All I can do is wait until his girlfriend tells him that ... :imok: