Tips for the "survival mode" times?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by BeachPeace, Jun 4, 2011.

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    I am so struggling...the last 4 days have been really bad. I am hesitant to head off the the MD for medication change but I am getting overwhelmed. If I think this phase will end after another week or so ...I think that will give me some grace to get through this. I probably give him one more week to see if he will settle back down.
    Blue, my difficult child ds, is just off his routine to the point he is acting sort of "manic" - he is hungry all day, tantrums over the smallest things, jumping and flapping all day long, and doing some of his old "open the door and run" behaviors.
    Ending the school year set him off last year as well.....due to his years in Foster Care he is very sensitive to any transition that involves loss of people and structure in his life. With this in mind ...I am trying so hard to be patient but **** I am only human, right?
    So I am in hypervigilant mode as I am sure you guys can relate all too well. I am barely sleeping, we have the deadbolts locked and the pantry locked, our difficult child daughter Indigo is "visiting her granny" for the week.....
    So anybody have any tips to get me through this rough patch?
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    Yeppers. Kiddo did her spring time spaz out and she's still coming down from it. Go to the MD, this is when you really need to take care of yourself.
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    While I am not generally in favor of sedating kids, if he's running or might run then that may be what you need to do temporarily to keep him safe. it's that or psychiatric hospital in my humble opinion. So yes I would call the doctor today. It's always a judgment call when to up the interventions but I have realized that, at least in our house, we tend to wait too long because once you are into a difficult child-crisis it's hard to step back and get the perspective needed to say "ok, we shouldn't try to handle this on our own."

    Safety is always the bottom line at our house and the decision point whenever we are deciding between hospitalization or trying to maintain him at home.

    Since his separation anxiety is so triggering I would understand why you would not want to hospitalize him.

    Have you considered getting an electronic monitoring anklet for him and an alarm system that alarms when the doors are opened? That way if he takes off the police can find him.
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    Sorry you're having such a rough time. My guy is being crazy, too. The end of school sets him off, too.

    I agree, if hr's a runner, I'd head to the doctor sooner rather than later.

    Hugs. It's making me crazy right now, too.
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    We are hanging in there... today was a little better ..husband was home and it was tag team parenting today. We joked about getting into shape to be able to keep up with Blue.
    His counselor is fitting him in on Monday so we can evaluate.... the idea of hospitalization used to be scary but over the years I have been more comfortable leaving it as an option on the table. Per our counselors advice - I am also taking him to his school tomorrow with my husband so he can see that it is "closed" and there is no one at school until August. Not sure that will work but I am game to try ....