Tired of addict-talk

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Jun 24, 2012.

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    I'm just frustrated so I thought I'd post and maybe it would make me feel better.

    difficult child has been complaining about his job since right after getting it. He isn't getting many hours (like 10-20 a week) despite being told he would get 35-40. So...I'm with him on that.

    He talks about looking for another job. I say little, trying to detach. Doesn't seem to be happening.

    Today it was that his manager is a racist and that he is encouraging difficult child (and his roommate at the sober house who also works there) to come to his house to drink. I don't believe difficult child.

    It's just addict-talk. Wish there was a spray for it. I just try to remain detached and get off the phone.

    However, I'll see difficult child on Tuesday (court) and I know he will want money. So, total detachment isn't possible.

    Argghhhh. I feel better. Thanks!
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    I'm trying to remember what good he is doing. I am aware that in the last ten days he has graduated from (and left) rehab, and entered a much more restrictive facility - complete the 3x daily room checks, curfews, etc. I know he is making progress. I also know two court dates in two weeks is a lot of anxiety - for both of us.

    Either way....the boy needs to work...and more hours than he has been doing. Going to call the sober house tomorrow...just to check in and see how things are going.

    Parenting an addict....sure ain't for sissies, huh?
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    You're doing great...you are always one step ahead of difficult child. Detaching with love is very hard. While some of the things he says are preposterous, you are right to also keep in mind his hard-won successes. Good for you, and you can vent here any time!
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    I love it!

    Vent anytime. I hate that you (we all) need to vent but I also love that we have each other.
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    Hahaha, yes, exactly this! Listening to my son on Saturday made me think something very similar. I discovered I've got about a 20 minute tolerance, and mostly that was because I haven't seen him in 8 months. I'm sure if I had to be around him regularly it would be about 30 seconds.
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    Truer words were never typed "ain't for sissies".......I miss the old days when I at least had the option to be a sissy every now and then. Sigh. DDD
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    AG I'm with you on the sick of addict-talk. He has made prgress and this is a critical time of rhim. Hopefully he will keep moving forward. Fingers crossed.