Tired of the Jeckyll/Hyde behavior!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by change, Nov 6, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I am so down today...just feel defeated and deflated. My daughter is consistently embarrassing herself or us behaving inappropriately but it seems like in the past year or so she's moved on to "getting revenge" in very underhanded infuriating ways. For example, we have consistently had trouble with her the past 2 yrs. or so as far as hygiene, etc. Those things escalated a lot along with bad grades, etc. at school this year. We grounded her from just about everything and she suddenly began to keeop her room neat (last 2 weeks or so) and her grades have gone up as well to all A's and one 71. She thought we wuold get excited and reward her when we saw this and we did praise her, however, something told me she was up to something.

    She has an "MO" of brown-nosing us to death and others as well when she's up to something. Yesterday I found out that she has been pestering other children at school for money (does this every year) at lunch, along with being very disrespectful to 2 PTA ladies because one of them turned her in to me for binging on snack foods for weeks from the PTA snack shack. In addition, I had been noticing little scratches appear on my car over the last 2 wks. and knew it couldn't be coincidence because I park far away most places or parallel park to try and avoid this. 2 days ago, I noticed a very deliberate long scratch all the way down one side. I was really disappointed because I knew I had been being extra careful lately. This morning there was another much deeper one on the other side (looks as if a key or rock was used). When I called her out on it (we have evidence it is probably her) she looked busted for a moment and then pulled her usual dumb-act and began lying that she knew nothing about it. I'm pretty sure she did it to "get revenge" on me for something. The car is a Lexus Hybrid...a gift from my husband about 3 yrs. ago. We are not wealthy by any means...he saved for 5 years to buy it for me. Anyway, just an example of what I'm dealing with constantly. I knew she was up to something because the brown-nosing was out of control but I had no idea she was the one vandalizing my car. I am also sickened about her continuing criminal behavior.

    Frustrated, deflated, and just plain old sad.
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    O I am so sorry !!

    That sort of behavior is definitely infuriating to deal with....and it does make it hard to reward her for "good" behavior when you suspect she's only doing it to cover for "bad" behavior.

    Its lose-lose-lose.

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    Thanks Daisy. That's exactly how my husband and I feel. Lose-Lose-Lose...
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    Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. It does sound like lose-lose-lose. And, I'm sorry about the car. How sad. Sounds like you have a lovely husband.