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    Manster doesn't like TKD, it's too hard. But Manster doesn't like anything that's hard and everything is hard for him except computer games and making messes (lol). He lied to husband yesterday and told him that they had testing and didn't have to go. It's he and his (girl)friend. They feed off each other, both making up injuries every time they have to go. This girl is NT but nonetheless a difficult child, I think just adhd though.

    I have to decide what to do. I'm concerned about his weight and feel strongly that he needs an exercise program of some kind. With my work schedule and his school and aftercare, there is little chance we would be successful in implementing something on our own. I need that enforced discipline as much as he does. I guess I can try swimming next if it's not too late, it started 2 weeks ago. Plus I'm sure he will honeymoon with that and find something he doesn't like there too.

    Any other ideas how to get the exercise for an overweight tweener with sensory issues and anxiety? What about that WI fit? Good for kids? I guess we could *try* to exercise at home (mom needs it too) and if that doesn't work, go for the next thing after the holidays.

    Any thoughts?


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    I started a list of options for difficult child a couple of months ago. I can't remember the name of the thread, but there were some good suggestions on it. This was primarily to find a way to keep my son busy and active through winter months. Besides sports, our list includes 4H club, fitness program at the YMCA, the Wi as you mentioned, and a couple of others- I'll pull the list this evening and see if there's more you might be interested in. One that difficult child added- horse-back riding and horse care lessons. I thought that was pretty good but he might not like it as much in the winter!!
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    We gave up on TKD recently. difficult child just was putting no effort into it and was very disruptive in class. He is still young enough to run around the yard, use the trampoline, etc... so I am not concerned about the exercise part of thisngs but I did want my son involved in something. Right now though, it seems to be too mcuh for him.

    We don't have wii fit but the wii sports is a great way to move around some. Developing the habit of an evening walk would be great for the whole family but easier said than done, I know! I like klmno's idea of making a list of active things to do and let him choose how he gets his exercise. It is always best to lead by example, again easier said than done. My son and I would do some exercise dvds together from time to time if I felt he needed to burn off some energy.
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    My son is in the Special Olympics--he isn't mentally slow, but he is "different" (at this point only marginally so) and a lot of even high functioning kids/autistic are in the program. I'm sure they would take bipolar kids and other kids who can't participate in regular programs for whatever reasons.
    Trust me, my overweight son doesn't LIKE going to the practices because it takes him away from his games and his "shows" but he has no choice. He really likes it once he's there and he has to work HARD. Because he's a good athlete, he gets a lot of positive reenforcement and doesn't have to deal with typical peers who can be mean about sports. Excerise isn't an option here. He has to do it. Lately, he has started taking LONG--way long--bike rides on his own. I hope this continues as he gained a lot of weight when he was on medications and has not lost all of it. He's about 5'6 and 178 or so.
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    Thanks everyone. Klmno I would love to see that list.

    Christy your son sounds a lot like mine and is about the same age. I was thinking of getting a trampoline so maybe between that, walking and WI we can get in our exercise. You're right that I need it too!

    MWM I'm glad your son has found something that he enjoys. I appreicate your input.


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    This is a hard one, at least for my difficult child. Wrestling is the one thing he has stuck with, he enjoys it, it's an individual sport yet he has a whole team supporting him. I hope you find one for him!
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    Ok, I think the right thread is "constructive motivators" started on July 17, 2008. I'd put a link up but I don't know how. My son is a little older than yours so some suggestions might not be appropraite- for instance, we have volunteer work on the list (difficult child wants to work with animals) but in our state, a kid needs to be 14yo to work at all.

    I tried to make a list of things that he could choose 1 or 2 from that he would be interested in that would keep him from "shutting down" through winter months. After the list was made, I realized that most of these would give him some exercise, even if it wasn't a structured exercise or sport program. At 9yo, my son was involved in cub scouts, swimming lessons/team, and baseball. I would pick up YMCA and county recreation guides for other ideas. Typically, I "short-list" it based on schedule and budget and tell difficult child he can choose 1 or 2 to be involved in.

    Good luck! I hope you and he can find something that works- my son is around 180 lbs and about 5'-5" so he needs to be thinking about weight.