tk's school received threats

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    They say that 3 teachers have been threatened and they are tightening security on the installation gates which all you need currently is a driver's license to get on base and increasing the security at the school

    They aren't specifying what increasing the security means as they don't lock any of their doors or id people who check out kids I have no idea what that means.

    This base has publicly funded state school and allows students from off post to come here who are civilians.

    The other post I used to live on had federally funded public schools and could lock down the base and everyone go to school just fine it also took a permit a military I d or a "day pass" to get on post which had to be applied for.

    They had an automated system call

    Tk has three tests every Friday and I don't want her to miss but she is not going to school tomorrow and many other people feel the same.
    I think they should just cancel school if they are going to call and scare the koi out of everyone, I hope they let her make up those tests but this is life.

    By the way we got progress reports today all a's, but she's been a terror since she got home.

    We have a busy day tomorrow driving all the way across town to Air Force academy for hubs pre-op appointment guess we will be rolling five deep to get there. Wish me patience.

    What would you guys do under similar circumstance? Send them to school or keep them home?