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    Poor Buster. He has 4 teeth coming in at once on top. He has had 2 coming in for over 6 months and yesterday one of them broke through. Today I noticed the other 2 red swollen bumps in his mouth totaling 4 coming in at once. He doesn't want to eat anything and has been having lots of bottles. Won't even eat soft foods. He was up until 4:30 am yesterday morning. Pain reliever wouldn't even work. He likes chewing on fabric and his bottle and that is it.

    His big sister woke him at 8:30 am. He was good natured about it. A few hours latter I try to put him down for a nap. I even lock the door trying to keep the other kids out. He got to sleep 1 hour then difficult child 2 woke him up. difficult child 2 came to me saying Buster was awake. I was hoping he'd go right back to sleep. Nope, difficult child 3 was sitting by Buster's bed to keep him company and throw toys and blankets in his bed. difficult child 3 was patting his head telling me that Buster wants to be picked up.

    Good nature went out the window and we had a fussy Buster that was so tired he couldn't sleep. Big bags under his poor eyes.

    I hear Buster cry and look up. Two of his siblings have their fingers in his mouth. They are getting out a chocking hazard, but they push him over in the process. I've told them many times to not do that and let me do it.

    He finally gets to sleep at 8 pm. I put him down and determine that his sisters who normally share a room with him are going to sleep with me so they won't wake him up. At 8:30 I put the other kids to bed and Elsie starts screaming. She wakes up Buster. Thankfully he goes back to sleep with in 10 min.

    He slept very well last night. Poor kid had a rough day. I am exhausted.
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    Wet a terry cloth rag and freeze it, then let Buster chew on it. You'd be amazed with how much such a simple thing helps bring them relief.

    Poor baby. And poor Mommy, too.
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    Thanks. He does like chewing fabric.

    He woke up from his nap today. difficult child 3 raced in there ahead of me. By the time I got in there difficult child 3 had gotten in the bed with Buster to keep him company. I explained how he could hurt him getting in the crib. Don't think the lecture stuck though. They do love him, but they just might love him to pieces.