To request a MFE or not...

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    This entire year of school (since September) I have gone back and forth with writting a formal letter to request an MFE for my 2nd grader. After being diagnosed (for the 2nd time) with ADHD and then Dyslexia in June, I did meet with the school in September to ask for the MFE but was denied stating my daughter's scores on the state required tests were average and that her ADHD was not significantly interfering with her progress. We have tried Adderall and Focalin but difficult child lost so much weight that I took her off it about 2 weeks ago. Pediatrician said that since she has not had luck with either of these, I would need to take her to someone (like a phychiatrist) who could prescribe a 'cocktail' of drugs... to counteract the appetite.

    To add to this, her teacher seems to be very wishy-washy in regards to her progress with school and where she stands as far as moving to third grade. One week it's 'I could see her being held back' and the next week it's 'she will do great in third grade.' I have requested a conference with the teacher but our schedules conflict so much that we are not able to meet.

    Should I go ahead and request the MFE??
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    I'm assuming MFE is your area's equivalent of an IEP?
    If so, do NOT request the IEP... instead, send a formal letter (certified, return receipt requested) requesting that she be evaluated for (and there is a whole list of things to ask for).
    There are US federal laws about this process.
    Other US parents on this board will chime in with more info (I'm in Canada, so what I know about the US process is from this board).
    Yes, you want to end up with an IEP.
    But you start with evaluations, first.
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    I would start with getting your little one into a psychiatrist and getting an IEP, she could get an IEP with her current diagnosis of adhd then after the psychiatrist evaluations her you can add that diagnosis to the iep