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    This post is just to take your mind off of your current situation and maybe get you thinking about something else. I saw a commercial on tv today for a new drug help with acid reflux......I was not in the room so only heard it..........I was sent back in time about 40 years when I was in High School, I played the saxophone in band and decided it would be fun to play a little joke in our high school paper, so I got together with a few other fellow saxophonists and suggested that we should start up the American Society of Saxophones. We elected officers and submitted an article for the HS newspaper, which was somewhat of a joke in and of itself.......The article was printed and we were all laughing because the Society went by it's initials A. S. S. We thought we were so clever and it was so funny that it was printed in the hs paper.....who knew that the local newspaper would pick up the "story" and print it in the local weekly newspaper and that a nearby town would pick it up and put it in the daily newspaper......alot of news for the new ASSaxophonists..........well, I was struck by the karma of it all when I heard the ad for this drug.....from another room you can't see the spelling of it and it sounds like a..... effects.......and how fitting a name for a drug with side effects that can be quickly associated with its name......I just so totally chuckle when I hear this ad......don't they realize this drug name was just a joke?
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    :rofl: Thats too funny.
    It reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live skit with Nicholas Cage in which he played a character named A**wipe Johnson and everyone mispronounced it. He had to keep telling everyone that it was pronounced "Asweepay":rofl:
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    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Or the counter girl calling for Mr. Dumas......I'll let you figure out pronunciation......(apologies to anyone named Dumas)......
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    Love it. Thanks for the high school story. Too funny!