Today, cherub got a smack!

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    Seems I am really losing it this weekend!
    Today cherub got a little slap on the leg.
    We went out for afternoon tea, no problem, we go out visiting frequently, and cherub takes along her little toiletry bag and we use the same routine. Find the toilet, change if needed, etc etc.
    Today, she decided to tantrum EVERY time i asked her to go potty, but the icing on the cake was when daughter said 'cherub left something on the floor in there and she's dirty' pointed to back of dress. Cherub was outside playing, so I called her sweetly, 'come inside please,' immediate dropping of shoulders, into stooped floppy position, and whining. repeated sweet command, with added, you know you need to go, come along'. More tantrum and more whining, so I did the warning count, by which time I'd established the little something was a puddle on the floor in the lounge. Seems she just stood there, wet, and walked outside.
    More tantruming, until I had to go down and ask her very sternly to come in, didn't comply, got slap on legs and fairly dragged upstairs.
    After a stern talking to, I asked her to clean up and went to mop the floor. There was a HUGE puddle. told her when she'd finished, she had to mop the floor (but I'd already done it satisfactorily).
    We had to leave much earlier, because she just kept on wetting/soiling and I ran out of clothes and was thoroughly embarrassed. Of course, my friends understand I have a problem child; although one comment was, 'it's just laziness'.

    I have no idea why she wets the way she does, I can understand the encopresis - stress added. Even the school is puzzled by her just standing and wetting and not even caring it's running down her legs; on a cold and windy day... Maybe the guidance officer will have more notes tomorrow at the meeting and I can get a clue. Either way, I intend to hurry off to the GP and get referrals. I have an educational psychologist ready to review any notes I can find.

    Mom rang today and said the police are interviewing dad tomorrow. She doesn't want her back, I told her about today and she said that's what she's put up with and she's sick of it, and that's why I have her.
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    The mum seems to blow hot and cold, but frankly her saying shw doesn't want her back is a good thing right now, since when she has her she doesn't seem to do anything to keep the perp away from her.

    I hope you find out some useful information that helps you identify the depth of the problem and perhaps some ways to cope.

    While the smack as a rule is not the best way to go long-term, I can understand it and who knows? Sometimes it works.