Today, I'm proud of difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by OpenWindow, Jul 13, 2008.

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    difficult child has a classmate who he's known for a couple of years. This boy is definitely a difficult child with lots of issues. difficult child gets annoyed with him and gets sick of him calling 10 times a day. This friend has been calling since school is out trying to get difficult child to come over to visit, or to come stay the night at our house. difficult child can't go over there, because we have been told by some school personnel who know they are friends that they would be leery about letting difficult child visit there, for reasons they weren't at liberty to share.

    difficult child doesn't want to go over there anyway, and doesn't want this boy coming to our house, because he can be annoying and none of the other kids in the neighborhood like him. He is very polite, but lies about everything. You can't believe anything he says. difficult child used to believe him, but in the last couple of months we've convinced difficult child that this boy lies but it's not because he's mean or trying to fool difficult child. We talked to him in the last couple of weeks about how we were proud of him for not pushing him away despite how annoying he can be. We told him this boy was lucky to have difficult child as a friend.

    Usually difficult child doesn't listen when we compliment him. In fact, he goes the opposite way. Not this time. He called his friend and invited him over this weekend. He really didn't want to, but he did. He stayed the night last night and difficult child has been so nice to him. They've been playing video games and difficult child has been so accommodating and friendly. It seems like they are both having a really good time.

    So while difficult child is having big problems in some areas, it's easy to find the good and have some hope when he does stuff like this.
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    That is so awesome! It is so nice when our difficult child's show some signs of commassion and maturity.
  3. Andy

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    :bravo: Good job difficult child!

    The other boy may be looking for a safe haven?
  4. TerryJ2

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    Wow, very nice.
    We have a cpl of problem kids, too, and we only allow them over here. I just don't know what does on when difficult child is over there. Not that I'm a control freak, but especially since the school warned you, it's better to keep an eye on things.
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    Sounds like you are doing something right! That is great that difficult child is being so kind. :)
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    that was very nice of difficult child to invite this boy over for an overnight. I would be proud of him too!

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    Way To Go difficult child!! I love reading posts like this-thanks for sharing!
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    Way To Go, difficult child! You did good this weekend. :bravo:

    A big cyber hug from this cyber auntie is on your way! :bigsmile::yourock:
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    That is so nice! So how was this boy? How did you feel about him? I think sometimes K gets a bad rap at school because she is so "animated" and touchy. I always fear that others might say things that blow it out of proportion. That is nice that you guy's gave this kid a chance. Maybe things are "bad" at home?
    Good for difficult child
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    Thanks guys! I've told difficult child how proud I was of him. He was incredibly calm and accommodating when his friend was here. In fact, I don't think I've seen him that calm and just, nice, in years. Last night he had a complete meltdown with easy child and easy child's friend, but it was great while it lasted.

    This boy is the epitome of polite but he just can't be believed. The stories he tells about anything and everything! He said their resource room teacher was fell on a rock and is now in a coma. Could be true, could not be - I have no way of knowing. It's a small town, though, so if it is true I probably would have heard somthing. I'm not sure what his diagnosis is but he's on 3 pretty strong medications. He gets made fun of a lot because he doesn't talk correctly, has a cleft lip, and is very small for his age, and probably because of the wild tales he tells. I will never leave them unsupervised because he has been known to get himself in trouble and get in fights with other kids, just like difficult child. And if he keeps difficult child as calm as he was this weekend - he can come over anytime as far as I'm concerned!
  11. TerryJ2

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    I know, sometimes other kids with-issues have a calming effect on our kids. Go figure.

    by the way, even with-regular kids, they all tell stories ... when our easy child was in kindergarten, her teacher told us that if we promise to only believe half the things easy child tells us about her, then the teacher will promise to only believe half the things easy child tells her about us!!! LOL.

    I think the most outrageous thing our easy child ever told her teacher happened when we were going through the adoption process with-difficult child. Turns out I was pregnant with-triplets!!! LOL. The teacher couldn't stand it any more and finally said something to me. I burst out laughing.

    She also told difficult child, when he was about 3, that he had something like 14 bmoms and 32 grandmothers. Aaaaargh! No wonder the poor kid's in therapy!

    Best of luck with-your difficult child's new friend. And I hope that teacher isn't really in a coma. If nothing else, his tall tales will teach you not to worry about things until you know for sure.