today is better :)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Apr 17, 2011.

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    so, i spent most of yesterday upset in pity party mode, had to just let myself feel it.

    i have work to do i know that, therapy is tmrw. yet i woke up today and felt better. I decided ok i'm going to use this quiet time to regroup. so i had a quiet breakfast, no drama of easy child and all. a healthy breakfast, walked my dogs. mowed my lawn.

    husband is cutting out of work for two hours to take me out to lunch, get some alone time than going back to store. difficult child is in the city with her dad today at central park having lunch and at zoo. so hopefully she'll be in a better mood also when she comes home later and sees the empty room.

    after that i'm going to go buy some flowers, make the yard look better. we're that house on the block where you say oh no lol. we need a new garage door desperately, the owner of the house just ordered one and a new screen door. we dont' own we rent the house.

    anyway little by little i guess this is what i'll have to do each day till i get ok with it all. just figured id' share.
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    It's all you can do. Let it go and have faith, somehow, some way, some day, it will all be ok.
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    I am glad you are having a decent day Jena ...
  4. Sometimes you just survive in 10 minute blocks at a time. I would tell myself, well, this is bad, but I can make it for 10 minutes. People can tolerate almost anything for 10 minutes. And when that 10 minutes is over, I would try for surviving another 10. Good luck, lady. Thinking of you.