Today is his BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    He would have turned 28 today, It hit me like a bomb shell when i realized the date today. Thing have been hecked lately with our 5 yr old starting kindergarden the end of last month.

    I was at my friends house when i realized today was the 6th of september, and the tears strated to fall. It was hard to explain what I was feeling, I still just want him home, althrough i know that can never be again.

    When I look at our son all I see is him, Our son looks just like his daddy. He is what keeps me going after almost two years, Sometimes he is my rock, and that may be wrong, but I need him as much as he needs me!!!

    P. R. H.Sr.
    September 6, 1981
    November 16, 2007
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    I'm sorry this is such a hard anniversary for you. Know in your heart that he's smiling down at you and your son knowing that you're thinking of him. Although it is with sadness that the memory is there - feel blessed that you've gotten along with your "extra angel" floating over your shoulder.

    God bless you and your boy!

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    Many hugs on this sad anniversary. He certainly is smiling down on you and the family from Heaven.
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    I'm sorry that it hit you so.

    I edited your beloved's name out, especially since he's a senior. Your son apparently has the same name. Just a reminder that you need to be careful to leave personal info out of your posts......for everyone's safety.

  5. totoro

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    Big hugs to you as well.
  6. 1905

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    Saying a little prayer for you and your angel in heaven. (We share a birthday)(((HUGS)))-Alyssa