Today is the day of a long week


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Well in just about an hour we will be meeting with our son's therapist and showing her everything we found about our son, what he wrote, etc. We do have a plan in place. We meet again on Thursday with our son. From there we go to the inpatient/outpatient treatment center.

I'm a wreck - second guessing myself, wondering if I am doing the right thing, if maybe I am over-reacting to all of this and now I'm going to put him through more stress. Please think of me and my husband today. It's going to be hard. :culpability:


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Will be thinking of you and your husband, sending prayers and wishes for you to receive whatever is necessary for all of you to heal and thrive and grow.......

I know this is very hard for you.....take deep breaths......hang on......we'll be circling the wagons around you.....

Let us know how it went......


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Prayers to your family. You are very brave and a good mother and advocate for your son. Please take solace in the fact that your son will now get help. He will probably be relieved.

Love and hugs. You can do this.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Always so challenging when our hearts wrestle with our heads. I am thinking if you and wish you the best of luck.

You are caring parents seeking help for your son.