Today Only Makeup Deal - 10 FREE Mineral Eyeshadows!!!

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    EyesLipsFace has a deal that I just saw that expires tonight.

    With ny $30 purchase you get 10 free mineral eyeshadows!! Yes, TEN!!!! The code is 10MINERALS and they re normally $3 each. You get a very generous amount for that price - looks to me to be about the same amount or a little MORE than the Bare Essentuals/Bare Minerals eyeshadows that I have. I have been really pleased with elf's mineral eyeshadows for a long time now.

    remember, just because they are named eyeshadows doesn't mean they cannot go anywhere. Depending on the look I want, I have been known to mix them with lip balm for a lipcolor, or even pat a bit on top of my lipstick to add a shimmer or bit of a different color. Dabbing a bit of a shiny gold or neutral color on top of lipstick just in the center of the lower lip can give a subtle pouty look if you want that - esp for a night out if you get one of those!

    I hve even put a bit into a small disposable container and dipped a nail polish brush into the powder to play with nail polish. It gives a neat effect if you play with it. Just wipe off or clean the brush in nail polish remover (or use a disposable brush) before you put it back into the bottle. I usually use a small disposable brush with nylon bristles (our Walmart carries these as disposable lip brushes). they also are great for costumes and if you want to add some to stencil projects on furniture they can look great. I added some to some leaves on a cabinet for a friend and the dimension really helped keep it from looking like a relic from a 1980's decorating project!

    For those with girls or with a lot of females on the holiday list, these will easily keep until bdays or Xmas and the prices are awesome!