Today, results of psychological evaluation for DGD


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he shows her real her to put it like that it means that she considers you important and a close person to her lower her shield towards you. In my opinion this means that you opinion and actions matter and could influence her a lot to become a balanced person
This is very reassuring to me. My son seems not to listen at all. But he calls me. And he may lie, but he is not fake to me, except when he wants something and tries to manipulate.

Since I have been detaching more and more I do not provide what he wants and he knows he will receive the truth from me.

At first he was enraged by this. He would hang up on me even if I said a few words.
Now, I think he wants to hear my point of view. And he understands what he wants will not be forthcoming.

I think he is calling only to be connected to me and to hear what I have to say. That is a 180 degree turn around. It is not easy for him to hear me, but yesterday he even asked. He put it this way: Is there even 15 percent of what happened that was not
my fault (about a recent incident)? And I answered No. And told him why I thought that way.

He seemed to listen.

He is not doing anything differently. He seems not to be thinking differently. But he may want to listen.

When I read your comment Dad, I felt hope. At the very least as a parent one wants to believe that the relationship potentially can be a guiding and sustaining one. Thank you.

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