Today Was Better


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And thank you, God, for that :bow:

I couldn't handle another sobbing, crying Dylan today. My heart hurt bad enough Monday and yesterday.

Today was much better. Even better than yesterday. They do their levels, 1-6, and 6 is the best. He stayed at a level 6 from yesterday morning all the way up until bedtime this evening. He's proud of himself. I'm proud of him. He's doing well. Whew!

He did tell a boy he was going to stick something or other up his rear end today :smile: Not sure what the deal with it was, or why, but the staff member gave him a break, him being new (I think the kids were all joking around, and Dylan, being socially deficient like he is haha, I guess he felt bad), he warned him that was inappropriate and not to do it again. Nice break, I coulda kissed that guy.

He's not eating much, but he won't starve to death any time soon :rolleyes: He has close to 50 pounds to lose. He should be around 70-80, and last week, 130 pounds. Holy cow. He said he had a cheeseburger tonight (I think it was a veggie burger), but declined the fries. Didn't like the peaches for desert either LOL! Oh well...

I promised him to start a change of lifestyle with food here at home if he kept to his there at the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). I guess I shoulda started that on Monday? Hmm, guess I better put the Chips Ahoy away then :wink:

I visited him today, and it was nice. I stopped between difficult child 2's IEP meeting and picking the other two boys up from camp, so I got an hour in with him. We played a game of Trouble, he showed me his room again, showed me around (even though we've toured it twice now), and just chatted a bit. He's very hyper, manic, loses focus like crazy. The psychiatrist is supposed to see him tomorrow. I'll be interested to see what he thinks. Staff told me today he's very manic. Can't sit still, very hyper. Yep.

Day by day, it's getting better. I'm actually very surprised he is doing so well, as is staff. They told me today they really like him, he has a wonderful personality (he really does) and he's very helpful (already knew that!). Already doing chores, his today was to mop the kitchen floor.

I'm waiting, because as we all know, the honeymoon period will die. And that's ok. I just want to enjoy this for a few days and be ok with him being there. Monday night, I was really re-thinking why I had done this.

Thanks for the ear. I'm proud of my son, just wanted to brag.
He's 10?

Yeah, he probably did stick something up someone else's rear.

Ain't nuthin wrong with it, neither. Sometimes people's rears need things stuck in 'em.


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Oh, that's such a nice report! I am so happy, and relieved, for both of you.
I hate that you seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop (or the end of the honeymoon period ... whatever ... but we all know how that is. Just realism.)

Big Bad Kitty, you are so bad! :rofl:


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Janna, he sounds so sweet. Sounds like he's a in a great place that is good with kids.
Hey...beeline me an e-mail, k? I want to make sure you're doing ok :wink:


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I am glad things are starting to settle in for you and Dyl. How are the other family members doing with this change? Even DF - how is he?


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Sounds like Dylan is settling in nicely. It is much easier to deal with on our ends when they are trying - and succeeding. Sending wishes that it continues as long as possible!! Glad you had a nice visit, too. :princess:

The good thing about this placement is that when and if the honeymoon ends, the staff is trained for it and will deal with it in the safest, least restrictive way. And, when it's over, there will be "level" consequences, but the staff shouldn't treat him any differntly than they did before any episode.

I'm just glad that things are going smoother and that you're feeling better.

Hang in there - and remember to take care of yourself, too. :angel:


I am so glad it was a good day! I pray that you have more and more of those.

My son has a lot in common with yours. I feel like the food police and it gets so tiring. I often think that keeping heroin from an addict wouldn't be any harder.

Good thoughts and hugs xo MicheleL