Today was the hearing to get psycho neighbour evicted

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    Ahead of us, there were 8-9 cases. Each case lasted maybe 5-10 minutes on average.
    Come our turn, we ran an entire feature film length, 1 1/2 hours the hearing lasted. The hearing was in a open setting, there were probably 50 others (tenants, landlords and lawyers and paralegals etc).
    Quack had a free lawyer from a community clinic. The lawyer most definitly played his role of his legal obligation of offering Quacks' version of his defense, yet went out of his way to tongue in cheek kind of throw Quack under the bus.
    Basically I spoke to the judge for well over 30 minutes, explaining the events from the "witness perspective". Then the super had her own lengthy version. Then Quacks lawyer questioned me. He came off trying to appear all Kujo toward me, yet I saw through it all and it actually played out well. The lawyer asked me few questions, and the questions he asked actually helped MY case, but also allowed the lawyer to appear to be scrambling to help Quack. Yay!
    Then Quacks lawyer questions Quack from Quacks perspective. This is where we had the biggest of very few shocks of the day. Quack never tried to claim my S/O was hurting me. He never stuck to his month long story that he was "protecting me". He never ONCE mentioned anything like that. He gave NO context to how his NEW version came to be. Literally he stated this:
    Quack, S/O, myself, the neighbour coupe and my kids were all outside in my yard. There was no tension or problems. S/O, myself and kids went into my apartment for the night. The neighbour couple went home for the night. Quack goes to neighbours house to invite himself for a drink before he went home. S/O for no explained reason, arrives at neighbours and proceeds with no cause to punch Quack once in the face. In self defense, Quack hit S/O once back. Then S/O punched the neighbour (the husband) in the face once. Then the neighbour beat my S/O to unconciousness and inflicted all physical damage. He contends the attack that prompted the other homeowner on the street to call 911 as she and her husband witnessed through the window OUR version of what happened, well she and her husband simply do NOT factor in whatsover to Quacks version.
    Now his NEW version is on legal record to a judge in court with witnesses and him lawyered up, stating his new insane version. Let me say, S/O and myself and the super were STUNNED at this coming from left field. He was throwing this new neighbour under the bus for HIS brutal crime, his NEW defense since the last one failed. You could of heard a pin drop in the room, I kid you not.
    Other lovely tidbits to our case that happened today. He point blank under examination refuses to admit to conversations with our police department, to conversations following this with the super and two other witnesses regarding threats to me. Claimed all kinds of things that were witnessed by many other people (we had affadivits as well) just plain NEVER happened.
    He claimed that "Melissa is on a mission to demonize me and I don't know why". HAHA!
    Following it being put on record by myself and witnesses affadivits that he was obsessed with me and had these "phases" in his head on how to "get me", his own lawyer asked him stuff and expected one thing to be said, and Quack threw his lawyer for a loop!
    Lawyer to Quack: How would you describe you relationship with Melissa over the years you've been neighbours
    Quack: (after a long pause) I'd say we were friends
    Lawyer to Quack: Following the night of the "alleged attack" on Melissa's boyfriend, have you tried to contact Melissa again.
    Quack: Yes
    Lawyer to Quack: And has this resulted in contact after this incident with Melissa
    Quack: No. She refuses to have contact with me and has trespassing orders against me (spoken angrily)
    Lawyer to Quack: Considering that you claim Melissa's boyfriend attacked you and you've done nothing wrong, and considering Melissa refuses to speak to YOU now in spite of years of "friendship", will you continue to hope that Melissa rekindles your friendship and would you say you still consider her a friend
    (((This is where Quack should have said NO NO NO She is NOT my friend)))
    Quack: (long pause which ends when he turns directly to face me and stare me straight in the eye and says:) Melissa will ALWAYS be my friend. It is not her decision. It is mine. And i've decided.

    HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO PSYCHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thus he confirmed his psycho obsession, is on legal record with his new lame butt defense throwing a WITNESS under the bus and accusing a innocent person of the crime he did.

    And that folks is how he not only is getting his eviction date in the mail by the court on Monday (it will be 24 hours to leave and sherrif bolts him out and removes him bodily if needed). That is also how S/O and I have an appointment with our lovely friendly awesomely supportive police officer on Saturday morning to lay formal charges. And that is how by Tuesday when he has a sherrif bolting his home, he is also going to be arrested. And that is how we can prevent bail for him since a formal court hearing of 1 1/2 hours today demonstrates his INSANE beliefs and danger and commitment to doing more harm to me and my family.

    Can you tell I'm ELATED???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Needless to say, the people waiting their turn in the room were initially annoyed at a long case while they were stuck waiting, but became rapidly enthralled and I'm sure there are more than 50 people tonight telling others and so on and so on around our not so large town. I don't think he'll quickly find housing, whenever he gets out of jail or the psychiatric hospital that is.

    Meanwhile, I assure you all we are keeping safe over the weekend. No chances being taken by us or anyone on the street. The city police are up to date on todays events and are available at a phone calls notice to get their hineys over here pronto if a call comes in. THey'll gladly haul the guy off with the slightest legal grounds to do so.

    I admit I did NOT sleep last night, nor did S/O. So I'm off to bed. Thus I didnt' tell all the lovely details of our awesome win (without a lawyer of our own by the way, pat myself a little on the back here). But I hope you all get the jist :) :)

    TOmorrow is S/O's birthday and we are staying indoors (obviously) with the kids. But we are baking a cake in the morning (easy child and I) and making a elaborate dinner, blowing up balloons and hanging streamers etc. We have a stack of new dvds to wrap and we can spend the day havign a movie marathon. We also got a family "celebration gift" of new pj's for all on S/O's special day so we can compensate for beign stuck inside, by having a pj and movie party/marathon all day before our special dinner.

    And another great gift for S/O. A message on my answering machine when we returned from court. For S/O. The air force recruiter to confirm that S/O has a start date (Tuesday after labor day, so only a month away) for his training and confirmed his acceptance to the trade of his choice. My baby's dream of working with the fighter jets comes true. We figured he'd get in but nothing beats CONFIRMATION. What a great way to culminate the day. Funny thing, we didnt' even listen to messages for hours after getting home today so all along we didn't know about it. It was a great surprise.

    Today is a good day in the Melissa household. I'm holding my S/O tight to snuggle and sleep tonight. We so needed this day. This time next week Quacks apartment will be vacant and up for rent. Quack will be in jail or the psychiatric hospital. And we are MOVING ON!!!!!!!!

    :) :) :) :)

    Much thanks the past month for all of your support and beads and prayers and warm wishes. WHEW!! It feels more like 3 months than 1 month.

    Cheers to better days, days like TODAY :)
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    That is so WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieved to hear how things went. I must admit though, if that had been ME neighbor was looking at when he stated that we were still friends because it was HIS decision and not mine.......I think I would have peed a little.

    I still don't understand why he's not locked up somewhere yet but're getting there. Maybe after his psychiatric case, if you guys felt up for it, you could see about changing some of those stupid laws. It's cases like yours that should do it but unfortunately I'm afraid it would actually take cases where someone died to get anything done.

    Anyhoo....I'm glad things went so well and I hope you guys have a great time on SO's birthday. Tell him Happy Birthday and Congrats from all of us!!!!

    Stay safe and keep us posted!
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    I admit, though not wanting to pee myself, I had some shivers/ creepy chills initially. But then it clicked in that it was in a COURT and he was sealing his own fate. I had to work to not smile at him smugly, hope that isn't a bad reflection on me! I was just thinking "gotcha".

    Re: why he isn't locked up. Well legally, he WILL get off on the charges, or at worst, a slap on the wrist come trial. The key is keep him there till trial. He will get off or get a probation term at most, as he is obviously mentally unstable and under law, in his state of unreality, isn't in his right mind to choose to commit crimes. A trial will be at least a year from now.

    It is hard to keep someone locked up for mental health things against their will for any length of time. You need proof of a long term ongoing threat to others or to the patient. Well todays testimony being documented and recorded ensures a legal basis for him to be held longer term for safety reasons so he recieves long term mental health help. He could end up with a long jail sentence in a criminal psychiatric floor somewhere in a hospital (won't hold my breath but would be nice). But now the ground work is laid to have him locked up one way or anohter for more than a couple days where he could have bailed out.

    As for waiting till the eviciton is over for his arrest. While the arrest warrant will be sworn at our appointment Sat. morning, his arrest won't happen until the sherrif can enforce the eviction early next week and bolt his property. This helps avoid a sympathetic criminal court judge bailing him out so he can attend to his personal property at his apartment that he is being forced to vacate. We are leaving no avenue to lose this chance to keep him locked somewhere, jail or a hospital. Doesn't matter to me which. Just want NO BAIL!!! Hope that makes a bit more sense now :)

    I would love our laws changed. But you are right. And even when people die, often NOTHING changes. Its a sad reality.

    I'll pass along your message to S/O as I'm off to bed now where he's half asleep already :)

    Nite board!
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    I am glad this went well, and can't wait untill he is locked up.
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    Wow! This whole horrifying story has been like a movie of the week. Glad today went well, and hope that this comes to an end soon so that you can really rest easy.

    And congrats to S/O! :D
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    I'm happy fpr you all. You have lived a nightmare.
  7. Star*

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    HOT DIGITY!!!!!!!
    I am thrilled for prayers answered!
    Off we go, into the wild, blue yonder!
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    I'm so happy for you and your family!
  9. witzend

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    Thank you for posting. I have been wanting to know what was going on, but didn't want to push you. Stay safe!
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    Thank you all. Apparently psycho has stated he is resigned to moving very quickly this upcoming week. I'll be glad when he has no reason to be in this neighbourhood, particularly this block.

    We're relaxing this weekend. It's a grand thing!
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    I will breathe easier for you when he's definitely gone and moved on totally. I'll breathe even easier when you gus eventually move because of SO's work, because then psycho won't know where you are.

    Hopefully once he moves he will transfer his obsession to someone else. Until then - be careful. Keep your head down. All of you.

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    I'll be grateful for that day too Marg.

    A brief update. He is in hospital, having emerg surgery to remove his gallbladder today. He should be out in a couple of days, right about when the sherrif bolts his door? Going to really tick him off as no way he can pack and get a moving truck etc from a hospital bed. Some of us are wondering if he's going to totally lose it once again. He had the nerve to telephone the superintendent. He wanted HER to use the master key and go to his home, retrieve money from wherever he keeps it, and bring it to another person, who was then to take the money to stock up on lots of beer for him for when he gets home from the hospital. That is really messed up thinking. Drink after gallbladder removal? Drink when you have to M-O-V-E ?? Needless to say, it didn't happen. The superintendent is SOOOOO fed up. Unreal that he would call her on the phone. And for such a ridiculous reason.

    For the next couple of days though, we can go about our business freely. Knowing he's in hospital. My super hopes he acts "odd" while there and ends on a psychiatric hold. Never know I guess!
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    VERY good! I am so relieved!
    I agree, that everyone else in the courtroom got an earful. Whew.
    That Psycho asked for the superintendent to go into his house and get $ for beer, while he's had gallbladder surgery, is proof of the pudding. Sheesh.
    Meanwhile, rest easy. Get a lot of sleep.
    And enjoy those movies.
    Not necessarily in that order. ;)