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    Well today like every Memorial and Labor Day we had the family picnic with husband's family. I really do love to get together with them as they are a big family. All except one of his sisters but we will get to her later.

    It started to sprinkle but that does not deter this family from their picnic. Tradition is tradition (I can hear the song from the fiddler on the roof now) and the picnic will happen. Of course several of us had blankets or jackets or both on. But still lots of fun with the food and such.

    Well a couple of them noticed that the pavillion was only half full and went to ask if we could use the other half. The people up there had no problem with that. We all trudged up with our stuff and got set up. Only when I heard one of the people from the other group ask why a couple of them were leaving did I even look up. It was easy child's ex and his mom that were leaving. She was real casual about it but he wanted to leave and was on the verge of causing a scene. I found it very interesting. I had no idea who the group was as I had not gone up to ask about using the area and the ones that went to ask didn't know him. Ah well. His problem if he can't co exist in life where easy child is. She didn't really even react ( I think she has a streak of me in her that won't let her let others see they got to us).

    Now back to the awful sis in law. She makes me NUTS!!! When she walked up origianally to the picnic the dog that was already there was barking. My neice said bark some more (as this is one relative that annoys most of the family). I didn't realize the comment I made next was loud enough for anyone but the neice to hear. I said she could do more than bark at her. The oldest of husband's sisters heard me and I got chastised. Not for what I said but for how loud I said it. I was so surprised as I don't generally see that side of this sister.

    After we were up in the pavillion we had broken in to two groups. I had gotten up from mine to see what husband was doing and the conversation was the awful sis in law complaining (not that that is new) about the memorial that was in the paper for their parents. That she didn't understand why everyone didn't know about it and why they had a problem giving her their share of money. This is a big thing that I ask husband about every time. Why do they put it in EVERY year at the birthday and death day of their mom. I asked a while back why they always do it and why they never do anything for their dad. Well this time the question had come around by several people and their dad was included. Ok. So she was talking about how they put it in every year so how could someone not know it was there. I couldn't hold my tongue. I asked why it is in every year. She said because that is what we have always done. I said sooo. She ignored me from that point on. I am not about to tell someone how to move on after someone elses death. We all have to do it in our own way. But why is it that she expects that all of the sibs will pay for this several times a year every year. I know several of them might not be interested in it but of course no one wants to speak up. Because no one wants to make her mad. I realize this is not technically my problem but sheesh every few months she sends messages around that husband owes her money again. Enough is enough. If you want the darn thing in the paper fine pay for it yourself. Otherwise take a vote to see if everyone wants to continue doing it all the time. So no one has to be offended do a secret ballot.

    Then because of how cold it was and her whining the whole darn time we didn't even get to play any of the games like normal.

    Sorry to pour all of that out to you guys but I just had to vent. I hope it even makes sense.

    thanks for listening,

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    Beth I'm sorry you have "one of those!" I've got one too, but it's my sister not husband's (who is H today!). She's always up in everyone's business, talking and emailing about this one that one and the other. We haven't spoken in 2 years. She just saw the baby for the first time 2 weeks ago. I made sure that she held her and took her picture, but I have NO intention of reigniting that relationship.

    All of my siblings except for lil'sis stopped speaking to me...2 of them never even called when the baby was born. All of this because I was the one to stand up to her when all of them said it had to be done.

    I swear - my maiden name should have been "Craftsman" because I am decended from a bunch of tools!

    Hope you had fun in spite of them all!

    The "Other" Beth
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    Too bad she was there to put a damper on the day's events. Good for easy child for not reacting.