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  1. Jody

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    Does anyone have any great ideas for adding tofu to your diet? Any recipes would be appreciated. Please tell me what kind of tofu to buy, firm, extra firm, extra soft. Never know there were so many. Thank you.
  2. Malika

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    I've occasionally used tofu - it's very nutritious and also very tasteless! So it needs to be jazzed up with sauces, etc. I like using it in sweet and sour dishes, or stir fries with bean shoots, vegetables, etc. As to the texture - go with your fancy! :)
  3. TerryJ2

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    I've used extra soft tofu in a food processor for pumpkin pie, instead of eggs and milk.
    I have cut extra firm tofu into cubes for stir fry, and in soups. Tofu will take on pretty much any flavor you put it in.
    I have also eaten curried tofu at an Indian restaurant. That was extra firm, because it held its square-cut shape.
    If you like Indian food, there are a lot of recipes online for free. But Indian food takes a lot of prep time.
  4. HaoZi

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    I drain it then mash it with a fork to mix in garlic powder and Parmesan and use that instead of ricotta in lasagne. We no vegetarians, but you can find some recipes here:
  5. 1905

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    The best thing I had ever eaten was Tofu Lettuce Wraps from PF Changs. I made this myself, it was easy...I googled the recipe and used the firm tofu. To die for, ladies!!!!