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  1. klmno

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    I can't find anything lsited for our local area regarding what is open tomorrow and what is not. Schools are closed, but will banks and governement offices be closed?
  2. smallworld

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    I live in the Difficult Child area so it is definitely a holiday tomorrow as well as Tuesday!

    Can you check the website of the bank you use?
  3. klmno

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    thank you! I'll be ok if I can't get to the bank until Tues., howver I was hoping the court/clerk's office would be open. The PO said she was going to be off last Friday because it was considered a state holiday, however, schools and everything else around here was open on Friday. I just didn't want to wait until Tues. to get my next request for a hearing in.

    And if they are closed tomorrow, we have a problem- the sw from the psychiatric hospital won't be able to talk to PO- plus, the PO was talking about possibly going to Difficult Child for the inaugaration on Tues. I don't think there's any way the psychiatric hospital will keep difficult child until Wed or Thurs.

    Really, if she wants to be making decisions for a kid with BiPolar (BP), she should be more accessible. She knew he was in psychiatric hospital again and we were having a crisis at home. If psychiatric hospital can get difficult child in Residential Treatment Center (RTC)- I'm going to let them send him.
  4. Andy

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    I think this is a federal holiday which means all banks closed.

    Sometimes business will run an answer machine with info such as this so you may want to try calling your bank right now to see if there is a message about being closed.

    The website idea is very good also.

    A local paper may have listings.
  5. donna723

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    I think pretty much all government offices will be closed tomorrow. I know they are here.
  6. klmno

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    Thanks! I tried using the website of my insurance co to see if they cover the medical portion of this Residential Treatment Center (RTC). The one the sw was recommending is actually more of a psychiatric hospital, just not for acute stays. They call it residential because it's longer stay- 2 to 3 mos and it's staffed with psychiatrist and tdocs, but also has the educational component. Anyway, I couldn't get the website to take my insurance policy info so I called and they just had an emergency counseling person who couldn't answer the question either. But, she said she thinks their offices are closed tomorrow, which means- wouldn't the insurance co have to pay for difficult child to stay in then? Also, with that type of Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and if it's determined necessary by the psychiatrist at the psychiatric hospital, wouldn't insurance have to pay just like any other hospital stay? And then, the sd pick up the educational cost?