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    Has anyone here heard of Tom's shoes? It is an interesting business model, and one that seems to be paying off for many many people.

    The owner started it as a way to do good works. He saw how the lack of something as simple as shoes was causing life threatening illness and problems for poor people in many parts of the world. He designed and sold a basic shoe and for every pair of shoes sold he donates a pair to someone in a poor part of the world.

    That is right. Every shoe sold results in a shoe being donated. 1 for 1. Not a %, simple 1 for 1. Here is the home page:

    I was intrigued enough to look at them. Some of them are cute. Then I found THE BOOT. This is something I will scrape up the $$ to get for Jessie. It is a wrap boot. Here is the web page for it:

    The shoe part is normal, but instead of the boot pulling on and ending at your knee, or wherever, the upper part of the boot is an elastic wrap. Every time you put the boot on you wrap that bandage around your foot and leg. So every time it custom fits your leg for the best fit!!! With as many times as Jessie has a sprained ankle or knee, this could be a HUGE help. The boot even looks sort of cute, from what I can tell in the pictures.

    I thought I would share because Jessie is not the only one in our CD Family with leg problems. Also because it is really cool, in my opinion, that the business was started with the idea of being responsible socially and giving one pair of shoes away for each one sold.

    How many businesses swear that they could not do that and stay in business? Not every business could do it, but a lot more could come close. After all, it is GREAT word of mouth and blog advertising at no additional cost!