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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Mar 27, 2009.

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    I have no idea why I'm posting this but I'm watching this wife swap show and it's hilarious- I rarely watch regular tv programming so I guess I'm behind in that area. LOL! This is about a family that let their kids do and eat whatever they want and care about nothing except demolition derby and a family that is very fitness conscious with control-freak parents "swapping" the moms for a while. It kind of makes me think that maybe we should try that- couldn't we get some moms of easy child's to swap with us moms of difficult child's for, let's say, a month or two? Couldn't they straighten all this out since they raised easy child's? I've never seen this show before but at least tonight's version is hilarious.

    Ok, then I'm going to eat a salad, see if I can find a good Kevin Costner movie thru my cable company, snuggle on the sofa with my dogs and a bag of popcorn in front of a fire- well, it's going to be too hot for the fireplace pretty soon!!
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    Hope you enjoy it---I tried to watch it a few times---but it was hard to watch people being so mean to each other. Hope you find a good movie---I looked and there's nothing on my local cable.
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    I have watched a few. They always pair up the most opposite families that they can. Hunting family with those against hunting, organized with unorganized, strict with non-strict. I feel for the husband and kids sometimes. I wonder if they really wanted to do the show. There have been a few that have gotten very upset and I can understand why.

    Not too long ago, one lady within the second week that the new wives make the rules made the husband find a job and had builders construct a fence around the yard. By the end of the week, husband got frustrated and drove his van into the fence. He jumped out and started tearing the fence apart. He just couldn't live under this pressure.

    I can understand the lessons learned on both sides but I am not sure I like how it hurts the family members going through it.
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    I didn't know it ever got that drastic- I thought this one was probably a more drastic case. This one worked out pretty well- there was a little yelling when rules were first put down and enforced, but nothing too extreme. In the end, each family seemed to change just a little bit for the better. Both families needed it, in my humble opinion.

    I could go for something like swapping households before I could live with Department of Juvenile Justice controlling our every move for the next several years- if it wasn't on tv. I got so caught up in regular tv that I've put the movie off. LOL!!