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  1. Star*

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    I found the MOST adorable little white dress with beading and pearls....and crennolin(sp) - it is ruffly and feminine and tiny - and just the most adorable little dress you've ever seen. BUT---everyone passed it up because it had a stain on the front. Possibly chocolate ice cream. I bought it anyway. I was sure I could get the stain out. I worked on it - and I did - you couldn't tell it was ever there. I was so proud of myself and my stain remover concoction. I was bouncing around thinking - AH I am a laundry guru.....I am one of the best - No one wanted that little dress and I took a chance - I followed the instructions, and put it on a hanger and hung it out to dry - and came in and told DF of ...(dat dah dah dahhhhh) MY CONQUEST - I felt so proud, so smart - SO one up - on everyone that passed up the little stained dress - it really is a stunner.

    Well, I went back out about 45 minutes later to get it off the clothes line - and I just stood there - defeated, deflated, disturbed.


    Round two.

    I win again. :hi5:
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    Ditto. DDD
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    Tooooooooooooooo funny!
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    That would so be my luck.
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    That is very funny. :)
  9. Star*

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    DF said a dress that stays in the laundry room is worth two in the bush ------HE IS Soooooo NOT A FUNNY MAN.
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    So - what is the concoction?
  11. Hahaha! Someone is trying to teach you not to be too cocky about your amazing laundering skills! Glad you won round 2 as well!

    Sounds like a beautiful dress.
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    Some days you're the bird, other days you're the statue.
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    after all these years, I should know better than to drink anything while reading a post from Star. (wiping coffee off the screen)... Glad the dress turned out okay the second time. I was afraid that you were going to say that Casper decided to add it to his collection of pretty things.
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    Star, I think we need to force you or rather create some kind of icon JUST FOR YOU that is a spit alert. Most of your posts require them. This way all you have to do is click on it and we know ahead of time, just in case someone happens to forget like above! LOL
  15. Star*

    Star* call 911

    SOAK in 20 mule team borax and Shout..........

    HEAD EM UP......MOVE EM OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Until yesterday and then it was ------

    OOOOOOOO YOU NASTY BIRD......DADDY GIT YER SLING SHOT.......and it was quiet for (I SWEAR ) an hour.....
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    I sure hope the bird didn't have berries for breakfast ... LOL
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    This wouldn't be the same bird that has been driving you crazy with it's ahh hemm........"singing" is it? LOL
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911

    YOu know I hadn't thought about that little ",,,turd" droping the bomb on me.

    I saved his life....when DF when hunting warbling and annoying Snow White movie wanna be''d think he'd at least be greatful. lol.......whistling is not on my list of DO NOT's.
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    Maybe her avatar needs to be a spit-alert?
    <tongue in cheek, of course>
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    I think the 'bomb' that got dropped was so you could prove that you really ARE the Queen of Laundry! I refuse to hang out laundry - mostly allergies but way too many people here have berry plants and all summer the clothes get ruined with stains from the birds that do NOT EVER wash out. Has happened to many years to count. Now at least I have the excuse of allergies causing migraines for the kids and I and making thank you's asthma act up!

    The dress sounds amazing!!!