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    Remember husband's nephew getting drunk at a wedding reception and hitting a parked car and giving the owner easy child 1's name and info before taking off?

    Well, nephew's car got hit in a parking lot and the guy readily handed him his license, contact info, and insurance.


    Nephew had to buy a himself a new car..

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    O Karma at it's finest!!!
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  4. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I have to say, nephew is getting it together. And he has at least acknowledged that he was a ****. So if he'd told me the story, I coulda kinda cared.

    But husband's sister told me. And she still is angry that I took a stand 'against' her son (I fixed my lock so he couldn't break into my home to hang out while skipping school and smoking pot and I told him he wasn't welcome here (they used to swim in our pond a lot) unless someone was home and he had specific permission each time - oh, I'm mean). The rest of them have never even acknowledge this junk took place...I'm just a mean bad guy.

    But I had to laugh as she told me. I wanted to say, 'poor baby got a taste of his own medicine'.
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    ...What comes around goes around....
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    His dogma got ran over by his karma?

    Or like we say in OUR house -

    1 down 9 to go - Karma comes back bad in 10's.