Too good to be true??

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    Some of you might remember my previous posts about psychiatrist and therapist issues. I did a little research- one place here that I liked had no openings for new patients. Then, I called the practice where the psychiatrist at the psychiatric hospital works and he is accepting new patients. I, also asked about a therapist so they gave me the cell phone number of one. I called and he answered "hey, this is XXX" (his first name). I introduced myself and asked if he had experience with kids with BiPolar (BP). He said yes. I asked about late hours, since I need to go back to work full time. He said he would think about his schedule and talk with me Monday. Then, I asked about whether or not I should expect all local psychiatrists to not return calls or be of much service except the 15 mins every few weeks, because I didn't want to change psychiatrists if they are all that way. He said well, it sounds like your son needs to be able to identify when he is becoming symptommatic (I choke back shock) and I need to learn management strategies (then my eyes are like balloons) so that things can be prevented from escalating to a point of emergency. :smug: (MUSIC TO MY EARS!!)

    I have not heard ONE therapist say anything like this- you know- the things that let you know that they have a clue what is going on dealing with this diagnosis and what is needed in our lives.

    Then, he says, remember he is still a teen boy, too, and he needs help to be able to adapt to typical teenage life, but strategies need to be learned and a lot can be managed so that difficult child isn't so dependent on medications. And, we need help developing a plan to implement in the times when he is escalating. :) (I HEAR MORE MUSIC!)

    OK, so I know all that is easier said then done- I'm just so happy that a therapist KNEW to say it!! I have to give this guy a chance- :D

    Then, he said substance abuse is very common with BiPolar (BP) and asked about difficult child- no, he hasn't done that (YET). And, he said research the internet to learn symptoms, get some support, and it would help us be able to speak the same language so I can tell him more effectively what is going on at home. :love-very:(SO MUCH MUSIC_ I AM IN LOVE!)

    Please, help me from getting my hopes built up too high- I don't want to be disappointed again!
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    I hear birds singing... love songs, punk, country... lots of music!!!
    A whole Symphony!!!
    My gosh I really hope Monday brings a YES!!! This guy sounds like a dream.
    I know it is scary to get your hopes up, but we have to keep trudging forward. It sets the example for G'sFG.
    Yeah, lets hope he can walk the walk... There has to be some good guys out there!
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    Right on!! I say give in to the temptation to have hope once again!
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    from personal experience, a good therapist can make all the difference. difficult child has a gem.

    Good luck. I hope this works out for difficult child (and for you).

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    Thank you- Hope is a wonderful thing. and, I hope the judge doesn't look at this switch as just me being a flake.

    And- I pray that his "strategies" involve a whole lot more than implementing a rewards/consequences behavioral modification contract.
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    It sounds like you are on the same page, that's great.

    Good luck!
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    It sounds positive. I hope everything works out for you and difficult child.
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    Thank you, Janet! I had been reviewing CABF links, but this has some specifics that I can print out and use in daily life. Actually, I might show this to some people involved in the legal process too so they can see that his treatment opportunities and success are greatly hampered if he's in detention.

    difficult child has actually started to express a little interest in reading about BiPolar (BP) if he can find a book written FOR teens with BiPolar (BP). Does anyone know if a book like that exists that would help a 13 yo boy (as compared to an older teen)?
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    I think there is one called something like motion in the ocean or something like that. Do a search on amazon.
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    This therapist sounds wonderful, klmno. I knew when I had the right therapist for my difficult child the first time I talked to her on the phone. She just hit the nail right on the head, while the others just seemed to be stumped with my kiddo.