Too little sleep has brought on his GFGness

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Nov 9, 2008.

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    difficult child is being somewhat ornery today. (basically from the end of Sunday School until we left church after a lunch)

    1st, he is selling candles for school. Of course there is another boy in his class who also brought his sales slip to church. The boys set up a mutual table and then became very competitive as to who got which sales. This is while I am setting up for Sunday School so I left it for someone else to deal with. I have not heard of any issues so it must have been o.k. (The other boy sold more but I don't think difficult child knows it. I am certainly not going to bring it up.)

    2nd, I forgot a game at home for the kids to play when I was done with the story so out come the coloring pages and I send difficult child for the crayons. He brings back the crayons and also a dry erase marker to play Hang Man. I told him that J gets to start the Hang Man because difficult child did so last week. (to back up, he took a floor chair down from storarge to sit on but put it back when I told him he could not use it)

    3rd, I left the room to check on my assistance's status of getting a note out to the kids about next week. As I was reentering the room, a girl came out and said difficult child wouldn't let her be "it" for Hang Man. He took the dry erase marker away from her. I am so frustrated with him at this point!

    His attitude is so like his attitude last Spring. I told him that he can not behave like this and maybe I need to kick him out of Sunday School again? (I did so last year. Kind of embarrassing when the Sunday School superintendent has to kick her own child out of Sunday School. He is the only one that I ever had to even consider it.)

    difficult child did not want to go to church service. He asked if he would go to church if C could come over. I told him yes and that if he waits until after service, he could sell more candles as people left.

    Then, during church, I told him that he can sit at the table with the candles to watch them. I knew there was atleast one kid roaming around waiting for a parent to finish with the choir. When the choir was dismissed, I went out and told him that he is not allowed to sell during church service hours. One person had come over to look at the candles and did order something but difficult child did not ask for the sale, he was not actively selling. Sometime later during the service, an usher, the other boy's dad told him that he needed to come into church. I let him go back out after communion when people started to leave. I told him he can finish making his sign but to sit at a different table and just keep an eye out for the product. I told the boy's mom that difficult child was not selling during service but was just watching out for the candles.

    After service, both boys were selling again. An arguement started over who gets the person's sale. It was not a person either had a special connecton with so I asked how many each sold just during church this morning. The other boy sold 7 and difficult child sold 4 so I told the other boy that difficult child gets the sale. I told difficult child that there should be another envelope to collect Sunday morning sales so no one gets credit for it.

    We brought another boy, C, home afterwards. difficult child showed C his huge nerf dart gun. As C sat down to start shooting it, difficult child looked into the barrel and of course got hit in the eye. I told him that I am so glad he is not hunting with his dad this weekend. What a stupid thing to do and both boys know better. They just had that suprised light bulb moment when I lectured them about looking into a barrel of a gun and how lucky it was that difficult child did not get hurt. They looked at me and each other as if to think, "Oh, that is why we are told not to!"

    This boy is here until 4:00. I think we will go grocery shopping after dropping him off at home and then I see if I can get difficult child to bed early tonight.
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    Oh, Andy, I know how it can be when they don't get enough sleep.

    I love the lightbulb moment when they figured out why you don't look into the barrel of a gun. Consider it a huge learning experience, probably the best one you'll have for a long time!

    I hope he gets some sleep tonight.
  3. Wiped Out

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    I hope you are able to get him to bed early. Sorry for the rough day, it is amazing what a lack of sleep can do to people.
  4. Sheila

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    Yep, happens almost every time with-difficult child. And he can't imagine why we think he needs to go to bed no later than 10:00 pm on the weekends......
  5. Jena

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    sorry to hear you had a rough day, it can be so frustrating i know!!!

    I hope he got to bed early so his week can start off on the right foot. Yes, the looking down barrel of gun and them both realizing.......funny the "ah-ha" moment. Hope his eye is ok.