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    So I have been taking abnormal psychology at school this term. It is a much more introductory class than I had hoped for. The instructor is good, but I get so bored as I have done to much reading and research due to difficult child and husband. During lecture I doodle, but I really do pay attention, and do comment and ask questions. I have an A in the class.

    Many times I doodle more when the topic comes close to what I deal with at home, as so many of the other students are so clueless. I have to doodle or make comments that would make it all too clear what I deal with at home. Especially what I know about medications(thanks much to those on this board). I am pretty sure the instructor knows that I know something for some type of personal reasons. We have had a couple of in class participation point assignments such as list a time when you were depressed and what did you learn from it? I put difficult child's diagnosis, and I learned that not everything is my fault. I did not know we were turning this in, and that ticked me off. I did not want to reveal too much and did. Big time.

    We had a test tonight. The short answer question was to list the 5 axis's. The 5th is always a Global assesment of function or gaf. I wrote a page on the gaf, why it was important, how it was compiled, and what scores would typically send someone to outpatient and inpatient treatment.

    When I turned it in, she turned to the last page. I think I kind of mystify her. She looked up at me and her eyes were popping out of her head. I laughed and walked out of class, and went outside and just completely lost it. I laughed so hard it was great. I am still trying not to laugh.

    I will remember the look on her face as long as I live. Pure shock. She told us we can get an extra 2.5pts, I just wanted those pts. lol.

    What is even more interesting, is that difficult child's therapist used to work with her at our local mental health dept. When I told her I was taking this class therapist asked me who was teaching it as she knows many of the instructors. She knew her.
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    I wish I could have been a fly on the wall!
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    Oh I loved taking abnormal psychiatric! For me it was kinda like taking "Lets talk about me!" I took that class at the community college up here and I know the professors kinda just scratched their heads.
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    Maybe she felt a little freaked out that one of her students could probably TEACH the class! :rofl:

    Good for you, though. No need to hide what you know!
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    I didn't mind abnormal psychiatric.......although like you, I found I was often bored. I did participate as we had a fun teacher and he really thought up some cool excercises. He even hypnotized part of the class. That was a hoot.

    I have to be careful in these types of classes. Not because I try to keep info about my difficult children under wraps. But because other students get mighty irritated when you're pulling an A and it seems like you're not having to do the work.

    Sorry people. This is my Life. I don't need a book for most of it. lol

    For our finals we had to do a case study of another person. (as if we were tdocs) and another on ourselves. I did my friend and had her pegged right down the line. Was honest about myself as well. Teacher was so impressed he kept trying to talk me into being a therapist. Told him no thanks. lol

    I doodle in microbiology. It's the only way I can stay awake. I've yet to study for a single test and I've aced them all. I thought it was gonna be so hard. Ha! They're covering just the basics, and heck I had it in biology, anatomy, and way back in nursing school. The stuff has been so drummed into my brain it's not funny. I've stopped answering questions cuz I get evil looks. sigh
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    You're right, it IS your life. And you've already logged countless hours of study for it, long before they even thought of signing up for that class!