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    DD1's developed breasts keep growing. Still only about a B-C cup but she's got stretch marks. Is this normal? I don't recall such a thing on myself. Got them now after gaining tons of weight and 3 kids but don't remember from younger days.

    Anyway what can we use on them? They are red and show when she's wearing a swimsuit or a tank top.
  2. InsaneCdn

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    Never heard of it. But... for pg stretch marks, as a preventative, they recommend vitamin E oil
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    My sister and I have them too but got them older when gaining weight. I suppose taking skin boosting vitamins and using vit. E caps (open and rub on) as well as lotions at least to prevent more would help. Maybe that "makeup" you can use on legs for veins if she is embarrassed ? Doesn't bode well for her preg future. Poor girl. Hope it slows. Does she wear a supportive bra? (Sothey aren't pulling /stretching ...thinking if it is mostly on the top?... but I don't know if that helps )
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    I haven't had any experience with that either. But my granddaughters mom (we have adopted granddaughters) had something similar happen. Her mom told me that when she reached puberty she got stretch marks, even on her thighs... and she wasn't large at all. She thought it was a hormone problem. Have you tried googling it? KSM
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    Duckie's legs grew so much last spring that she developed stretch marks. We used cocoa butter on them and they eventually faded.
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    Wal Mart carries Vitamin E cream, in a 2-pk, usually it's on the bottom shelf with lotions. Called Fruit of the Earth or something like that. It's what I am using on my breasts and belly right now. No marks yet (pretzeling, but I don't mind if I get them anyway - it's for the itching!)...

    I had HORRIBLE stretch marks on my breasts at puberty. And I was pretty small - I finally hit a B cup at age 18. I never had real cleavage. So... My Mom used Triple Lanolin (till we found out I am allergic) then cocoa butter. Worked pretty well.

    I started using the vitamin E cream a while back as part of some other lotion - 1 bottle baby lotion, 1 tub Vaseline, 1 tub vitamin E cream, blend well - not greasy and it just ROCKS. The stretch marks on my thighs from puberty are gone, now...
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    The stretch marks are not from hormones. They happen when the area the skin covers grows faster than the skin can grow. I had quite a few friends who had this happen, and generally they grew quite suddenly. I never seemed to grow in any noticeable way, which drove me nuts as a kid Because I grew so slowly, I did not get stretch marks. One poor guy I knew, who was the shortest guy in our grade from kdg to the end of grade 6, showed up at school for the beginning of 7th grade as the tallest kid in the class. He grew about ten inches just over the summer. His mom commented that she was glad he was the youngest because he went through all the hand me downs from the next four of his brothers (he had a LOT of brothers and they were all really tall - and never as short as he was until that summer). This kid had stretch marks that showed on his arms, legs, even his neck above his shrt showed them.

    A great moisturizer is very helpful with stretch marks. You want something super moisturizing, a cream more than a lotion. Aquaphor is an ointment made from petroleum jelly and chammomile and is incredibly healing, esp to stretch marks. If you try step's cream and can afford it, try using some aquaphor instead of the vaseline. You can also buy plain old refined shea butter from ebay or various online sources and use it straight on the stretch marks. It is the most amazing thing I have used for skin problems. I get it from ebay, just make sure you get REFINED shea that is white or ivory in color. Yes, unrefined has more healing qualities, but the odor is not pleasant at all. I have had great results from refined shea and the unrefined has an odor that can't be hidden or made more pleasant - and it is not just my opinion. People I know who like scented creams and who are more "back to nature" type people than I am have all said the odor is very unpleasant. It can be used just the way it is when it arrives - it just melts into your skin. Or you can melt it in a bowl over a bit of hot (not boiling) water and add other oils or essential oils as desired
  8. hearts and roses

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    This happened to difficult child. You can use a combo of Vit E and/or cocoa butter, works well.
  9. susiestar

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    Another thought on the topic of early development, Walmart has a line of Danskin clothes that Jess has found quite comfortable. She developed early and generously, and finding clothing that fits is a problem sometimes. This Danskin line has tank tops with and with-o a bra built in. Jess has found the ones wth a built in bra are esp comfortable and when she can sleep in one, she wakes up with-o her shoulders and back hurting as much. Just Thurs I found some sports bras in this line that were inexpensive but fairly well made and she says they are even more comfortable than the tanks. She normally HATES sports bras, so this is something. Just thought I would mention it. OUr walmarts are still clearing out last summer's and winter's stock and I got the sports bras for a dollar. I am going back to see if they have more or to get some of this year's line for Jess. That is why I thought of it.
  10. Marguerite

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    A lot of cooking oils are also natural sources of Vitamin E. I just use olive oil as a moisturiser. Or sometimes coconut oil.

    Stretch marks are nothing more than collagen going kazang! They are generally red and obvious when fresh, but whether you massage them with oil or not, they fade over time. However, massage does reduce the problem. So does good support - if she is not wearing a well-fitting bra (and I really mean WELL fitting, not just one that cups her breasts but is too loose underneath) and/or is doing a lot of physically active sports, then the bounce effect will be greatly aggravating the damage.

    And yes, I think there can be a mild contribution from hormones, in that progesterone does loosen ligaments etc. With poorer ligament support, again stretch damage is more likely. But the main cause is rapid growth. And that happens in puberty.

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    Thanks all! And thanks for all the lotion/creme suggestions.

    She simply doesn't care that the marks are there. And yes I did google it as per someone's suggestion and sure'nuff it is normal. Makes sense, of course, just never thought about it and the marks she has are so red and angry looking! UHG

    An yes she has good bras. Seems like I blink and am buying her new ones!
  12. Marguerite

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    There is a big difference between good bras, and bras that have been fitted properly. You can have some beautifully designed bras that cost a lot and were engineered well, but if they're the wrong cup size for her, or especially if they are not measured UNDER her bust, then the support will be inadequate. Also, for playing sport, a well-fitting sports bra is highly recommended.

    And even with all that, you can still get stretch marks. But with ensuring professional fitting and plenty of massage and moisturiser, you can minimise the problems. Then it's a matter of waiting and what is already there will fade to silver.