Too much SPAM - ideas on managing it?


I have had the same email address for years. Over time, the amount of unwanted mail that I get has mushroomed. Now that I know what generates SPAM, I can see that I brought some of this on myself.

Any ideas on how I can curtail or block the amountof junk coming to my email address? I am using the filters and blocking guards provided by my web based email program; that just doesn't seem to be enough :frown:


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I have an email specifically set up for my friends and family. Then I have an email that I use for registering places on the internet. Every so often, I check and delete all the spam on the "junk" account. If I were you, continue to use your original email account for junk and set up a personal email and let all your friends and family have that one.


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I changed email accounts, and made sure who and where I was posting from that point forward, and I have had not any spam since.

Also, I use Mozilla as a browser - it prevents pop ups and a variety of other internet annoyances.


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Other things to remember -

1) Do not sign up for things online with your main email account. USe an account you could dispose of if you need to.

2) DO NOT reply to ANY SPAM. A lot of these are phishing, trying to see if they have a 'live' account. As soon as you reply, even if it is to unsubscribe, they will sell your email address as one that works. You will get inundated. Only unsubscribe if you joined to begin with.

3) You can set up a junk mail box with your existing address. It will depend on what software you are using but a lot of these email programs have the capability to learn to recognise junk and non-junk. It can make life much easier.

And finally, something I've begun doing, out of sheer curiosity about the human race - when I get a SPAM that interest me but I don't want to alert them to the fact that I exist, I will research it through the various anti-spam websites. To find them, find a representative chunk of text from the email, copy it, then paste it into Google between double quote marks. You can find out a lot more about how spam works. Knowledge is sometimes the best defence.



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I started getting more and more on my personal e-mail a couple of months ago. I always use a junk yahoo account for anything other than people I know I want to hear from and are real, so I had been pretty well protected.

I had tried blocking things in my mailbox on netscape, but the best I could do was send it to the trash bin. I was always curious as to what came. I have verizon, and I went to my homepage on their website and signed in. From there I was able to block ISP's and specific senders at the server, so it never gets as far as my mailbox. The sender gets "undeliverable" messages, so they take me off of their lists. I haven't gotten any in quite some time now.