Took 5 y.o. to pediatrician - Frustrated

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jules71, Oct 31, 2007.

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    I took my 5 y.o. old difficult child to the pediatrician to discuss his behavior. We have been seeing a private psychologist who has diagnosis'd him with ADHD combined type and severe ODD. I told the pediatrician dr about this and said I wanted to rule out anything medical first and he did nothing except tell me the names of two ADHD medications (Concerta and Focalin XR) to look up on the internet and then let him know if we wanted to start a trial.

    I would have thought he would do a full physical on him - at least look at him, take blood, something. So many medical problems can present like ADHD. Thyroid, allergies, diabetes, hypoglycemia, lead poisioning, tonsils (causing sleep apnea), etc.

    What kind of experience have you all had with this? Is there something specific we should be asking our pediatrician dr to check? Should I find a new pediatrician dr?
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    Over time my kids have had all the blood work and other medical tests (MRI, EEG) to rule out physical causes for their mood disorders. But it took a proactive pediatrician and a very thorough and competent child psychiatrist to set us on the right path toward diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Two of my 3 kids have also had full neuropsychological evaluations. Is there any way you could have an evaluation with a child psychiatrist and a neuropsychologist?
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    It took us asking about 5 times from each person we see for full blood workups and tests for other possibilities... finally we demanded it from one and then they all acted like it was a "great" idea...

    even though in every book and medication site they say get work ups done prior to starting any medication... very frustrating. It also helps just in case something else might be going on!!!

    Good luck.
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    Might try a developmental pediatrician or a neurologist.

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    Personally...... pediatrician doctor isn't listening. Not a good sign of a good pediatrician doctor. I'd find another one.

    It is only logical that you would want to rule out any physical reason for difficult children behavior before going forward. Your request wasn't too much to ask.

    I understand your frustration too well. been there done that

  6. susiestar

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    As I understand it you ASKED the pediatrician to test for other things and he offered a choice of 2 medications.

    If you went to a restaurant and asked for the soup and they brougt you a bowl of plumbing parts, would you leave and find a new restaurant?

    Is the doctor normally this unresponsive, or is this unusual for him?

    If it is unusual, give him another chance. Call and say you want blood work and other things to rule out a physical cause BEFORE you use serious medications with serious side effects. If he won't order the tests, get a new pediatrician.

    You are going to need a good pediatrician on your side. Onewho listens to you. Otherwise this is going to be a rough and scary ride.

    I am glad you are working to rule out other things first. I wish I had been informed enought to get an EEG (sleep deprived) and blood work before we tried medications.

    Hopeyou have a good day!

  7. ShakinThingzUp

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    If you went to a restaurant and asked for the soup and they brougt you a bowl of plumbing parts, would you leave and find a new restaurant?

    Exactly! I'd get a new doctor....
    I'd also consider checking into seeing a neurologist to begin testing. A good neurologist can do the right tests to get you started, and recommend what would come next in your testing.

    God Bless!
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    Boy been there done that!!!! That is sooooo true. I hate to generalize, but in our "pill happy" "pharmacuetical" society today I think Dr's are not only on the "take" (the pharmacuetical companies have HUGE incentives for doctors to use THEIR specific medication over something else), but also looking for the quick answer. Even though there is evidence, research, text books, and some classes still being offered; our medication schools are pushing the practice of easing and managing the symptoms NOT finding out the causes behind the problems. Therefore, medications and more medications and more medications.....or evasive surgury. I personally don't understand it, but trying to find the TRUE cause behind something and then trying to fix that seems to be going extinct in the USA. It's all related to profit. The drug companies, the insurance companies, the surgeons rates for proceedures, the continual repeat visits to the doctor because you're MANAGING symptoms, not curing the cause (which would stop the need for repeat visits). It's a cycle that's producing a HUGE amount of money, and MONEY talks. Sad and disgusting, but that our reality today. So unless you're able to really research this on your own and be proactive on your own, you're at the industries mercy. Just my 2cents.