Took difficult child off Adderall XR and tonight was very hard

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by myeverything04, Feb 15, 2012.

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    So, since my difficult child has went from 66 lbs to 55 (in 10 weeks), I decided to take her off Adderall XR 10mg a day on Sunday. She has been eating like a piggie, which I'm very happy for, but I took her to open swim tonight at the YMCA and she acted like a 3 year old!! She couldn't sit still in the viewing room as we waited for the swim lessons to be over (my fault as we got there early), she asked me every 2 mins "is it time now? how much longer?." She was very hyper in the pool, splashing me multiple times when I asked her to stop. Then she took another girls ball and threw it to the other end of the pool. I just feel so frustrated. I can't keep her on the medication because she doesn't eat (trust me, I've tried EVERYTHING to get her to eat and she just won't), but when she is off the medication I feel like I'm going to lose my mind!

    We have tried all the medications that you can "sprinkle on applesauce" as she can't swallow a pill and refuses to try to learn how. We have a dr appointment tomorrow but I feel like I'm getting no where with her pediatrician. We have seen a nutritionalist who gave me the same advice I already knew. I hate to say this but does anyone else every see another child in public and wish their kid acted like the other one was?
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    One thing to consider is whether a five MG might give some benefit and reduce the weightloss. We found that the weightloss impact lessened over time.
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    A zillion times. Many of us have been there done that. It's hard. Hugs DDD
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    Know how you feel!! I have to will myself nt to cry every time I take my difficult child to his karate class. I was hoping it would teach him self control & discipline but he is all over the place, spinning, disrupting ect... I want to stop taking it but he would bevdevastated. I always worry what the teacher and parents think of him. That was a good idea someone had about trying 5 mgs. My son is on metadate 30mg that I sprinkle in applesauce, I justvstarted a new experiment today where I give him half in the am half when he gets home from school. Hoping it works out.
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    Some of these medications come in "patch" form - absorbed through the skin rather than taken as internal medicine. Wonder if that format might work for her?
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    I don't recall if someone asked on another thread...
    Who did the ADHD diagnosis?
    Has she ever had a comprehensive evaluation? Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation? Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) evaluation?

    Because... ADHD is an "interesting" diagnosis. Sometimes it is accurate, but there are more things going on. Sometimes... there is something else going on entirely. And sometimes, it is just the "tip of the iceberg" leading to other complex dxes that include ADHD-type symptoms.

    For example... ADHD dxes have - for some families on this board - turned into Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or Aspergers. ADHD dxes can also turn into Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)/Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)/other auditory issues.
    The stats I've seen state that:
    1) 50% of kids with ADHD also have Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) (developmental coordination disorder, which affects motor skills)
    2) There is a fairly high co-morbidity between ADHD and LDs (don't have numbers on that)
    3) 70% of kids who have ADHD and Learning Disability (LD)(s), also have some form of Auditory Processing Disorders (APD).

    Wish I knew what kind of diagnosis would fit the "refusal to take pills" symptom... sounds like the problem isn't medications compliance (willingness to take medications), but the actual physical pill? Is she a fussy eater? only likes certain textures, for example?
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    I'm sorry that I don't remember but have you tried other stims? In our family one did great on Concerta, another on time release Ritalin with a 5mg supplement in the afternoon before sports and the yuungest is having no issues with Vyvance. From my experience some Pediatricians favor one medication over another and side effects differ from child to child. Sure sounds like she needs something to help her and alot of times with trail and error you can find one that doesn't impact appetite too much. Hugs. DDD
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    I'm wondering also about the diagnosis. I could be wrong, but it sounds like more than just ADHD to me. Who diagnosed him and do you think it could be wrong or are you satisfied that this is the only problem? Has he ever seen a neuropsychologist? How are his social skills with his same age peers? I'm thinking more maybe Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), which is often mistaken for ADHD at first.