Took husband's truck to difficult child today

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kathy813, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Kathy813

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    We didn't know what to do but since difficult child does have an interview on Tuesday and supposedly one later today, we decided to take husband's truck down to her today to use this week while we figure out what is wrong with her car.

    I was fighting a migraine and it was very difficult for me to drive but I had to since we had to take two vehicles down there to leave one with her. When I got to the apartment where the halfway house is, I was at the vomiting stage. To difficult child's credit, she was very sweet and solicitous. I managed to get us to the grocery store and stayed in the car while she shopped for her groceries and then went in to pay when she was done.

    husband met us at the apartment (he left later than I did) and tried starting her car and it was just like she described. It tries to start and then won't turn over. The floorboard is not wet, though, so that theory may be down the drain.

    difficult child texted me after we left and said thank you and that she hoped that I feel better. It is sad that it surprises me when she acts decently.

    Keep your fingers crossed that one of these jobs works out.

  2. Nancy

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    Keeping my fingers crossed Kathy. Do you think it's the battery?

  3. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    No, it is doing the same thing is did last time when we spent $200 for someone to look at it for a week and they couldn't find anything wrong. Their conclusion was that it was because the wiring got wet and needed to dry out which is why it suddenly started working again even though they didn't do anything to fix it. The $200 fee was for diagnostics.

    That's why we thought it had happened again but the floorboard was bone dry today and difficult child said it have never been wet this time. So that means we will have to get it towed and looked at again but the car is hardly worth putting more money into. However, she really needs a car to find and keep a job. Many of the job postings stress reliable transportation as a requirement.

    See the dilemma?
  4. Nancy

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    Oh I sure see it because that's the dilemma we are in. difficult child's car is not worth putting one more penny in and yet if we don't keep it running she can't get to work.

  5. PatriotsGirl

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    And it sure doesn't help that public transportation absolutely STINKS here. Everyting is so far away from everything else. I often wonder how the heck difficult child is ever going to find another job, but she lives in a city area and she was able to find the first one she completely messed up so I suppose all things are possible....
  6. Nancy

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    When I was growing up it was very easy to get around on public transportation but now they have cut so many routes and only run on the main roads sporadically. If you don't live within walking distance of a main road covered or you need crosstown transportaion you are out of luck. I took buses everywhere, took 4 different buses to get to high school daily and took city buses to college all four years and then when I worked downtown for several years after that. That's neary impossible to do today. It really cuts down on the places you can live or work.

  7. DDD

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    Hope this week is better Kathy. The transportation problem is beyond huge in our small community. There are no busses and two taxi's that operate during daylight hours only. Ugh. Maybe all it will need is a little "thingy" that is cheap and makes the car run like a charm. Hugs DDD
  8. DammitJanet

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    Transportation is awful these days. We have zilch for transportation. No bus system at all. There is a taxi system but only in the city proper and you might as well be paying a car payment because it costs a fortune.

    Kathy...check out craigslist if you have to find a car. We actually found an old used escort on there several years ago for $400 that ran like a top. We sold it a year ago to a guy here and he is still driving it and its still going strong. He just had to replace the rear master cylinder. It was a basic ac, only am/fm radio but it ran like a top.

    You may have to look up in the VA area though because if you get a car there in the mid-90's, they have to pass emissions tests and if they dont, they sell them for cheap just to get them gone. Nothing wrong with them at all but down here, once our cars get over 10 years old, we dont have to do emissions tests. Probably same in GA.