Tooth abscess - pain in face?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Dec 17, 2011.

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    I've had a tooth that the dentist told me needed to come out about 4 years ago. This is due to degeneration of the gum in that area. Believe it Occupational Therapist (OT) not, I've held onto it for this many years because I can't deal with major dental work without being under enough not to have a clue what's going on- and I can't even look at that huge stainless steel needle without runnning out of the office. I'm a whimp abou things like that. The area would get painful perioduically but I'd take antibiotics and tylenol a while, then it became tolerable again. by the way, this is a molar, the rear tooth since my wisdom teeth were cut out many years ago.

    Now, couple of days ago I noticed the area was more sore than usual. Yesterday I noticed my face was a little swolen on that side, in front, and it hurt if I touched it in the area of my cheekbone. I woke up during the night and the back of my jaw hurt if I tried to open my mouth wide enough to yawn. This morning, the front of my face on that side is swolen more. Does this mean infection throughout the area from the tooth/gum, or is this probably a completely different problem? I looked to see if I could find any signs of a bug bite or other injury but I don't.

    If it has spread, would patient first be able to do something- like rx an antibiotic- or would it still be considered "dental" under insurance and medication requirements?
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    You would need a RX to get rid of the infection but you need to get that tooth out. I dont think anyone likes dental work but Tony also has a huge phobia over it and he has had to face his fears in the last couple of years because his teeth have just gone to hell.

    I refuse to do somethings like root canals because some folks scared me to death and now its probably useless because of the state of my teeth. Maybe if I had done it earlier. They dont use gigantic needles anymore. If the dentist is good, you actually wont even see it. Normally if you tell him you have anxiety over this they will give you some gas. My last one offered it to me even before I asked and I told him I didnt need it. In your case I would insist.
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    I can tell you that because of the location you run a high risk of it becoming a blood infection and getting into your brain. Get a doctor to put you on antibiotics ASAP. Most dentists won't touch it until after you've been on antibiotics a few days, but either a reg doctor or a dentist can Rx them for you.
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    OK- I'll go to Pt 1st this weekend....not my favortie thing but I'll get there.
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    If you can't get in to a reg dentist today, go to the ER and get antibiotics. But dentist should be the top priority otherwise tomorrow it will be your whole face and it can spread to the brain very rapidly. You need the really strong antibiotics he knows how to script for such things. I suspect you'll be taking them for a week or two and then it will be safe to pull the tooth. Don't put off pulling the tooth either, too risky of a repeat performance and the infection can spread super fast. This time you're lucky to be well enough to do something about it.

    Everyone knows how I am with dentists. But there are those times when you just have to do what you have to do. This is potential life threatening. Please take it seriously.

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    Lisa is do not want it going to the brain because it can cause meningitis. Trust me that isnt fun. I got a nice vacation but it wasnt the kind of vacation one wants. Learning to walk, talk and use ones arms again isnt exactly a piece of cake. They told my family to contact a funeral home. Now really, do you want your mother to have the decision on whether or not to pull the plug?

    There..that should get you to the doctor and the dentist!
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    Boy, Janet, you know how to scare the heck out of her! Klmno I completely agree. I've been there done that and the first step is to get on antibiotics pronto. Hugs. DDD
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    Well, that convinces me!

    I don't know about the tooth coming out though- that's a whole mess in iteself. First, I moved so my 'old' dentist can't help with this ins co and in this area. I went to a dentist here last year with an appointment to get teeth cleaned and although I told them this hx about this one tooth on the phone, they assured me they would still clean my teeth then give me a referral. I went in for appointment, they took xrays, then told me to go to spec. I wanted my teeth cleaned, they wouldn't do ANYTHING. Never mind that there's nothing wrong with the rest of them and my old dentist still would clean my teeth. I got po'd at this new one and they told me they wouldn't give me referral then. Well then, I'm not paying for xrays. I never asked for xrays- I went in for teeth cleaning, which they made appointment for but didn't do. So, I didn't get teeth cleaned or referral and now must wait at least a year before ins will cover any part of aanother set of xrays, which any new dentist will require and I can't get a referral to spec over this tooth and gum without. I can't get into see a spec until I get the referral. Plus, I won't get this tooth taken care of without more anesthesia (or wqhatever it's called) and ins won't cover that- it will cost me close to 1000 which I don't have to spare due to difficult child's restitution I paid, attny, and now washer & dryer. I never paid my copay for the xrays and I keep getting stuff from them over it- even though it's only about 20 dollars.

    I just checked online- there's a pt 1st near here. I hope they'll rx an antibiotic but you never know with them- sometimes I sit there and wait 1-2 hours only to get told to go someplace else.

    My mom- I had sent her email just basicly saying to go away due to all this phoney communication for years and the damage she has caused to difficult child's and my lives. She responded a couple of weeks later telling me I was too hard to love anyway and "had caused HER loved ones too much pain thru the years" so she would 'honor my wishes and didn't want anymore communication from me either". I don't know what loved ones of hers she thinks I've hurt because short of her sis, my aunt, she hasn't had anyone in her life for many, many years. I know I haven't done anything to hurt my aunt. I haven't even seen her or communicated with her for about 10 years and that was both our doing- no argument, it just died out. Maybe she's referring to my half-bro. Ha Ha. Whatever. If I get menengitis, she won't even learn about it. They can just keep me on life support until difficult child turns 18yo. if that's what it takes for him to take over decisions.

    I'm in a carpy mood so am trying not to be rude or ruin others' holidays on the board- thus, I'm not responding to threads about Christmas. Between having 5 million things to do, having to wait until after Christmas to find out difficult child's fate and what BS I'll get stuck with, and now this, all I really want to do is spend 2 weeks in bed.
  9. ThreeShadows

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    I don't care if you're in a bad mood. Get your rear end to Patient First!!! You mean too much to me.
    My husband's godmother had a tooth abscess that went to her brain. She was so badly off that the hospital gave her a type of antibiotic which has ruined her life forever. She has had oscillopsia for years because of it and has no sense of balance. Don't let this progress that far, PLEASE!
    You can get angry at me for being blunt with you!
    I'm in a foul mood too and don't want your life to be ruined.
  10. HaoZi

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    Having it pulled by itself shouldn't cost you as much as you think and unless it's really involved any dentist should be able to do it once the infection is taken care of. Don't relegate yourself to one dentist covered by your insurance right now, looks like you'll be paying it yourself anyway, so find one you like and do some price comparing and ask about payment plans. There are times is simply comes down to $90-110 for a pull vs. $500 for a root canal plus the cost of a crown.
  11. DammitJanet

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    Listen...even if you have to go to the ER, they will refer you to a dentist and then that dentist will have to take you. I know about those types of things. Or...if you are in Lejeune, there is a place called St. Mary's in Wilmington that does it for free. Or next to free but then I dont know if they do gas...probably not.

    I seriously doubt this thing is going to cost you 1000 to get taken out because Tony has had like 8 or 10 teeth taken out now and it hasnt cost him that. Including xrays. Now he has gone to the cheapie place down here which is all he can afford. If you cant use your insurance you may have to come down here. People come from all over to use them. They are Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence, SC. They are very good. Star goes there, her DF does and Tony does. We see cars from all kinds of states up and down the east coast in their parking lot.
  12. HaoZi

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    I think my biodad went there, too, Janet. I know he went somewhere up that way to get it all done, and so did my first mother in law.
  13. klmno

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    A root canal won;'t do it and apparently they need to do some surgery on the bone after the tooth is out. It's the gum/bone in that area that's the problem. I can't remember what it's called if the bone has worn down so much in a particular area that it's basicly pushing the tooth out. They want to do it with a general/local anethesia and ins will cover that much. If I want to be 'out' anymore than that, I have to cover the difference in cost and go to a specialist who's set up to do that. Unless I find someone named Murray. Oh' My bad today. LOL!

    I'm going to take tylenol and give that some time to work on fever and headache then go to dr.

    thank you, Tourette's Syndrome and everyone !
  14. HaoZi

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    Gargle/swish with salt water in the meantime, too. It'll also help fight infection and heal.
  15. AnnieO

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    I've had a LOT of abscesses. Antibiotics ASAP girl. :hugs:
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    OK, my terrible idea here, if there are any of those online clinics, go on and say you have a sinus infection.... tell them you only can take X antibiotics (give the name of the one you got from the dentist in the past that worked so you know you are doing the right thing)..... it is better than not going, esp if money is a problem. Of course still go to the dentist asap. But in case you can't.......