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    Ineed the collective knowledge of everyone here. What is the remedy you use for toothaceh? I'm looking for something different. I've done the anti-inflammatory/painkiller. I don't have access to oragel or numzit right now. What are the home remedies or other things you have tried?
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    No remedy, just a warning.....

    DO NOT crush up an aspirin and place it on your tooth. While it will help the pain, it eats away the tooth enamel of that tooth and surrounding teeth.

    (((hugs))) Nothing worse in the world to me than a toothache. I have 3 I'm waiting to have pulled when husband gets insurance. :thumbsdown:
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    go to a dentist. a tooth does not heal itself. it is most likely an abcess, treatable by antibiotics and a root canal. esp if it throbbing or getting you up at night.
    janet...the dental office practice administrator
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    Bourbon, straight up, pooled around the tooth.

    OUCH! I don't know that I have had anything more painful than my abscessed tooth. Maybe when I got my blood clot on my lung, but it's hard to tell.
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    Way, way, way "back in the day" my parents used oil of clove
    that was bought at the drug store to tide us over until we could
    go to the dentist. I'm sory you have that problem. I would rather give birth to triplets than have one toothache! DDD
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    I went to the dentist. It looks like it may be an infected gum which has a pocket between two teeth. Have medications. Will go back for a cleaning in two weeks. There is a possibility that one tooth is a bit loose, also. I found it does feel better when I am sitting or standing; thus, I am up in the middle of the night.

    So, I get to be up to see the new babies in the kitten family within hours of birth!
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    When you have a gum infection, the tooth is sometimes loose. It will get stronger as the gum heals.
    Have you tried Ambesol? (sp?) babies. How special to witness.

    Hope you feel better.