top loading washer without an agitator?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ctmom05, Aug 31, 2011.

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    We've been looking at washers, so that when we're ready, we'll have some ideas about what's right for us. We've been going to the laundromat because ours is broken and that's getting to be so cumbersome.

    There's a style of washer that came out since we last bought one - a top loader without an agitator. I'm interested in learning more about those from someone who's actually used one.

    Reviews or comments?
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    I know people who had one... way back when.
    Its not a new concept - its just that there are only so many possible configurations, so they all get recycled.

    The front-loads get away without an agitator, because the tumbling action of the drum produces the same effect.
    I can see a top-load having side-agitators and not a centre-agitator... but NO agitator? the versions some years back that tried to do it this way didn't do a good job of cleaning.
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    My friend has one of the newer ones like this. I used it on vacation and it was quite nice. in my opinion the big problem with ALL new style washers is that small items - coins, safety pins, etc - get sucked into the water pump and get stuck and break the pump. Happened to my friend, and happened to me on my side loader. NEVER happened with the old fashioned, center agitators, which were NOT energy efficient.

    As a matter of fact, my favorite machines were the ones that had an additional lint trap that sat on top of the agitator. This was especially handy when small papers, food items or the like were left in kid and husband pockets.
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    Ugh, I loathe having to choose new appliances. Going to keep an eye on this thread too. Our washer has somehow sprung this stupid leak and I'm sure it wouldn't cost much to repair. S/O could probably take it apart and fix it himself. But its so old I hate it. So I'm thinking of just replacing it. But ugh! I hate buying appliances, so complicated.
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    I actually bought one - liked it however had problems with it about three loads in where it was going off center, so took it back and got one with a regular agitator.

    It was definately quiet - and used less water. Didn't seem like I could put the same amount of clothes in cause you sort of have to pack them on the side. But my Maytag is almost just as quiet.

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    You might try checking out Consumer Reports. There rating system seems to be valuable. Our library keeps a copy and, lol, for some completely unknown reason my husband subscribes. That's really, really odd because we have never been "consumers" by nature and for the past two years we couldn't buy a piece of lint! DDD
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    Got one about 6 months ago. I like that it uses less water and detergent. Ours "figures out" the load size by shooting small bits of water into it until all the clothes are wet (I have no idea how it works, I just know it does). So a large load takes a little longer to finish because of the small steps in the beginning.
    Ours also has a lot of settings for bulky, heavy, regular, etc. - and adjusts the spin by weight. I have had to "re-spin" towels a few times if I really had the thing packed.
    Overall I'm pleased. I did not want a front loader - this was way cheaper.