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    For those that have experience with this NSAID....

    I got this shot (OWWWWW!!!! most painful shot EVER! And I'm not a sissy when it comes to injections of any kind.) But, it made everything go away for the short time it works - which is only a few hours. It can only be used for 5 days - I've done that much research.

    I need to get this inflammation under control. I am NOT doing any more steroids. From the steroid injections (mainly), I have the cushingnoid appearance and I'm suspecting it's the reason my blood pressure has gone out of control. I have such a strong reaction to them and the benefits do not outweigh the side effects - even on low dose.

    So, I'm going to the doctor today. I'm hoping that if I can get the toradol for 5 days, it might interrupt the inflammatory process. It's supposed to be used for acute, rather than chronic, pain. But, I gotta try something.

    I know some of you (Susie, you came to mind) have been on various medications and wondered what your thoughts were on this. I was thinking at first of doing injections for the 5 days to try to avoid the GI side effects, but then I remembered how painful the shot was and how I couldn't lift my arm above my shoulder for 3 days. I don't think I want to do that every few hours for 5 days. :faint: It does have to be started with an injection, though, according to

    Right now I'm popping vicodin everyday and I really don't want to do that. Besides the fact that it's a narcotic, it only works on the radiating pain and is just a band-aid.

    So, that's my plan - to at least talk to the doctor about this and she pretty much does whatever I ask. :nurse: Anyone have experience and what are your thoughts? The GI side effects make me nervous because I already take medications for GERD (although not diagnosis'd) and I have IBS and have been having nausea all week anyway. So, I figured I would ask for phenergan, too.

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    I've never heard of it b4, but if it works, and helps you get off and stay off the steroids, I say go for it! Long term steroid use is a very bad thing, as you are discovering.
    Are you treating arthritis, lupus, or what? I'm sorry, I can't recall.
    I have IBS, too. After having the worst spring of my life, my little sister recommended a great program that has helped me improve 70%. B4 every single meal, no matter what I eat, I take probiotics. If you can't find them, just take dbl the amt of acidophilus. After ea meal, take digestive enzymes.
    I wish I'd known this b4.
    I also still use Metamucil. And I stay away from greasy, fried foods.
    There is a psychological component to IBS, so it goes with-o saying (of course, I'm going to say it anyway) that we have to stay away from stress. (HA! Like that's going to happen!)
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    Toradol is one of the only NSAIDS I can take. It IS available in pill form, but very few docs rx it that way, and for a very good reason. It is very effective at getting pain and inflammation under control, but a little TOO good. You can get GI bleeds and not know it until it is serious, simply because it controls the pain.

    The GI effects are much lower with the shot form. I RARELY have any trouble with my stomach when I get a shot of it. IT is when you take it orally and it goes through your stomach it causes so many problems.

    I LOVE the stuff. Doesn't make me loopy, can really help with a migraine or severe muscle spasm, etc...

    I think maybe try starting with a 3 day regimen, and add more days if required. IF your doctor will go with it. Print out whatever info you have about it. Steroids have been such a problem, and you have to do SOMETHING. Simply state it that you want to have a decent holiday AND you want to try to break the cycle of the inflammation.

    I was having a terrible time with inflammation and migraines about a year ago. My doctor said we had gone through everything else in her PRR and sent me home with 100 of the toradol! The pharmacist called to confirm it - said he had never seen more than 10 prescribed at once. But insurance didn't balk, so I have them and have kept them for when I truly needed them. The pharmacist gave me ALL kinds of warnings, and for the first time sat and read over ALL the warnings, just so he didn't cause problems by my not knowing how to take it.

    I take it with-food, and I make sure to eat regular mealsthe days I am taking it and several after (I can get sidetracked and forget to eat when busy).

    I hope this helps. I still have over 80 of the 100 I got way back when. But when I need them they are great!

    Just for the sake of a less drastic trial, you might go to the pharmacy and get a bottle of Orudis to try. It is ketoprofen, another nsaid. It is not as drastic as toradol. I had EXCELLENT results from it, but as per usual developed a rash from it and had to stop after a few weeks. It is an oral medication, and I have seen it at my Walmart recently. It might be helpful? Of course check with the doctor to see if there are any problems, because you don't really know what interacts with what.
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    Terry - we don't know what we're treating. That's been the whole problem. My IBS hasn't been much of an issue since they opened my arteries up. But, it will be an issue with a medication with strong GI side effects.

    Susie - The GI side effects do scare me. I'll have to talk to my doctor about it - if she's willing to rx it. Maybe I'll end up doing the shots. Wonder if I can do them in my abdomen? Shots seem to be less painful that way. When they gave me the toradol shot a couple of weeks ago, they also gave me a shot of phenergan. I'll also talk to her about the ketoprofen.
  5. TerryJ2

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    Arrgh. How frustrating.
    I'm sending diagnosis clarity for your docs, and pain free vibes for you.
    Sounds like the new medication is a keeper.
    (Interesting about the 100 scrip, Susie.)
  6. Shari

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    Wynter, I think your thought process is right on. Inflammation can be such a viscious cycle, with any injury I end up with, without fail, I get stuck in this loop, too (much lesser degree than you are dealing with), but often it takes something stout to knock the inflammation out in order to "turn that corner" and start making progress.
    Hugs. Hope the doctor will go along (or give darn good reason as to why not.)
  7. Star*

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    I have been given Toradol in the ER for crippling migraines - I rather prefer the morphine/dalaudid coctail with it. (go for the best sleep with these)

    I'm glad to hear you will be out of some pain -

    Sending MORE positive vibes (((((((((((((())))))))))))) for you!
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    I have had it twice when I have been in the hospital--once after an operation, once this summer when I had a tic borne disease (not lyme, way worse). It was a miracle drug--really reduced the pain and inflamation. I can't remember how it was delivered--I think IV--I didn't have any side effects (at least none that I can tell!), I think the doctor this last time gave me Protonix for stomach issues perhaps because of it. I had no problems (but don't have problems in that direction anyway usually).

    It is so good that I never want morphine after an operation again.

    I hope it works for you. Good luck, and I am soory you are in such pain.
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    I got the shot and 5 days of pills. The shot is a higher dose than what a whole day of pills would be and it knocks me out. easy child's girlfriend took me to the home at 5:30 and I couldn't have stayed awake no matter what. I slept til 2AM and will probably lay back down for a nap in a few.

    BUT, my hips don't hurt, my shoulders and arms don't hurt. :beautifulthing:

    Here's hoping that these medications will interrupt the inflammatory cycle for a bit.
  10. Shari

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    Ok, so now that you don't hurt, tho, in order for this to work, you still gotta take it super easy! Remember, you're giving everything a reason to not be inflammed!!!

    (I think I need that excuse for this weekend....can I borrow it?)
  11. Lothlorien

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    Must be such a relief to not have that nagging ache. I've only had it for migraines, in pill form. I really don't get the bad migraines anymore, so haven't used it in years and years.
  12. mrscatinthehat

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    The one and only time I had this medication was for a migraine. What a reaction I had to it. I actually got dressed with the IV still in my arm and tried to sneak out of the ER. The dr saw me and as I was creeping past the desk he popped out. I heard him tell one of the nurses to get the benadryl I was having a reaction. Once the benadryl hit I was in nappy land.

    I can still see me sneaking out. It was almost like I could hear the mission impossible music and I had to get out of there quick. Never knew you could have that kind of reaction to a medication before. At the time it wasn't funny but now looking back it had to have looked hilarious to the ER staff.

    That happened to be the night I met my second husbands mom (she was an ER nurse). She is the one that took out my IV. What an experience.

    Hope the toradol continues to help you.

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    Shari - Will you talk to my mom? She thinks that since my pain is better than I need to be doing X, Y and Z. Sigh... She's also upset because the shot made me sleep and then I got the restless body thing (what I call it - restless legs, but all over) and had to take klonopin so then I slept even more and am having the hardest time keeping my eyes open and so she's upset that 1) I slept a lot and 2) that I shouldn't take the toradol again for a day or so. :hammer: I told her that if she understood how much pain I was in everyday she wouldn't suggest that. I get so tired of these conversations. She's also upset because I'm going to my grandmother's for a break on Sunday and she thinks I should go on Friday. So, now I'm being a bit of a difficult child and am digging in my heels and am going Sunday no matter what. ARGH!!! I'm 35 not 15. Just because I'm still going to be on these medications on Friday and might not be able to drive.... Ok. I gotta stop talking about it. She's making me absolutely crazy.

    Loth - it is a welcome relief, but aches and pains is a major understatement. It's already helping with the nerve pain/tingling going down my arms and legs which I suspected was from all the inflammation compressing the nerves. And I was able to stand, walk and bend down last night. It was soooo nice.

    Beth - Wow. What an experience! It just made me out of it. I thought I came home and went straight to bed, but apparently called my mom first. I don't remember that at all.
  14. Shari

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    I'm on it. Send me her #!
  15. flutterbee

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    Bwahahahahahah! That would send her over the edge.

    Bad, Heather. Bad, bad, bad.

    She's leaving in the morning for California and when she gets back I'll be at my grandmother's. I'm just not going to talk to her while she's gone and I know she won't call my grandmother's (my dad's mom) because they hate each other. I really think the issue is that I'm going to my grandmother's house and she doesn't like me having a relationship with her. It's my relationship. I don't involve her in it in any way.