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We had a huge storm pass through San Antonio last night. For the first time in the almost 60 years that I have lived here we had two tornados pass through the area. The first one was an F1 that tore roofs off of a number of homes. The second one was an F0 that passed through the neighborhood directly behind me. There were no injuries associated with the storm. Most of the time tornadic activity skirts around us.

I will now have to eat crow. I have always told people that we are very fortunate to live in this area because we do not have tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes, or earthquakes in our little corner of the world. I suppose that I can now expect hurricane force winds and earthquakes to hit in the near future. I think I am safe to continue to say we are safe from volcanic action.


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I am so sorry that San Antonio was hit by tornados. They can be very scary. I live in tornado alley. I even had friends who went storm chasing back when we were teens. It was a very stupid thing for them to do. I can remember a very bad tornado that went right down Main Street in our town many years ago. It scared a lot of people. Of course my husband and a roommate lived and worked on Main Street back then. They were at work, in a store with plate glass front walls, and they hid behind the front counter and watched the storm go past because it was 'SOOOOO COOOOL!!!!". This was before we met.

I hope that the storm damage is repaired quickly and that people are able to pull together to rebuild the lives that were damaged by the storm. My prayers are with all of you who were affected by the storm.


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Tornadoes are really scary. My mom, dad, brother, sister in law and I rode out THREE in a KOA campground bathroom in Kansas when I was 17 or so. That was a heck of a night let me tell you! Believe it or not, some people stayed in their tents - at least, for the first one - then they ended up in the men's room with us. The whole darn campground was in there. My mom, sister in law and I were in the ladies to start hadn't even occurred to us to go to the men's. But, we were all alone and after the first tornado we joined everyone in the men's for the rest of the night. Why we all crowded in there when there was another room I never knew. :rolleyes:

So glad no one was hurt!


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There have been several in a nearby town in Ohio. The last one took out the Wal-Mart! I lived in the next town over and the winds ripped the mailbox off our front wall. That was a FRIGHTENING experience. Thanks, no thanks.

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We don't normally have tornadoes here either, but we have had a few. One year we had tornadoes, two hurricanes and an earthquake. Last year we had a nasty thunderstorm which sheered the tops off many a tall tree. The news never even mentioned tornadoes, but I could clearly see that healthy trees had been twisted apart. I don't think it was a full-fledged tornado as there was no path of destruction, only spots here and there.

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