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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Now that he is no longer in the special county program we have to set up a cab for difficult child to get to his therapy. Since he has medicaid they will pay for it. However, it is so nuts! I have to call at least 48 hours in advance. I called last Wednesday. They say you cannot leave more than one message (no real person answers the phone:mad:). I left all the info on the message but only gave the name of the school he was to be picked up at. They called back Friday and left a message saying they couldn't arrange it until I gave the school address-omg-how hard would it have been for them to look it up?

    So I called back on Friday and left a message saying the address and to please call me at work on Monday if the cab would not be picking him up. I specifically said please don't call my cell phone because I don't have it on during the day.

    Today I got a call saying his cab never came. Thankfully his teacher was coming for the meeting so she drove him over. I turned on my cell and sure enough there was a message saying he would be all set as of tomorrow:mad:

    It gets worse! They left a message saying every M & W I would need to call an hour before pick-up and they would be there anytime in the next hour (could be 5 minutes, could be 60). I called the cab company and explained to the man that would be next to impossible since I teach and can't remember an hour before each time! Not to mention difficult child would be getting picked up possibly very early, missing school, and having to try and sit quietly in a waiting room for his appointment. It's a nightmare waiting to happen!

    He transferred me to someone else who could explain it better to me:mad: By this time I can't even believe the ridiculousness of it all and so I explained myself once again. This guy said he isn't suppose to do it but that I was making a lot of sense and he will set it up for the cab to be there each time at 2:45. Finally a voice of reason! Now crossing my fingers it actually happens!
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    Hugs, Sharon. I understand your frustration. I had a similar issue with Handy Ride after I broke my leg; because I wasn't eligible for unemployment, I had to go back to work too soon, and even though I had broken my left leg, my car has a manual transmission. The latest they would pick me up from work was 4 pm, which is when my shift ended, but I had to be ready to go by 3 pm.

    I ended up driving anyway.
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    I think I'd be looking for a different option. This sounds like too many things could go wrong if it's this much trouble to start out with.
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    Mary-That makes no sense either-I truly don't understand how they can operate like that.

    K-Wish there was another option. If this doesn't work not sure what we'll do. The place he goes can only see him at these times and we have no other available transportation.
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    I will pray that the voice of reasons comes through! Hugs, ML
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    Yep, my same experience with Access. If my mom has a doctors. appointment. you have to be ready an hour before and then you sit when you are done until they can get to you. These are frail elderly people. Many of the drivers are not even pleasant.
    You can only call 48hrs in advance, never on a weekend. You can't call earlier than 48hrs. These people are elderly!!! How will they remember such parameters.
    It's a terrible system. I would schedule a regular taxi but they don't come to this little town.
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    Yep-it is a horrible system that makes no sense whatsoever.