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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nomad, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Nomad

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    I have stumbled across a totally natural insomnia cure for myself and my husband. Now, keep in mind, this works for me. Everyone is different and particularly if you have medical concerns, it is best to double check with a doctor before trying something new.

    However, I am so excited about this, I wanted to mention it because I know stress tends to cause insomnia and many of us are under stress.

    I am very sensitive to Melatonin. Even a 1 mg. tablet makes me a little sleepy in the morning. This caused me to start to experiment.

    What I ended up with:
    1/4 tablet of Melatonin (.25) and
    250 mgs. L-Tryptophan (I buy the Pharmaceutical Grade Quality frim the health food store)
    ( I also take a Calcium/Magnesium Tablet that may help a little with this issue).

    Both of these are really small dosages, but combined they work unbelievably well for me and do not leave me feeling groggy in the morning.

    IN addition, some nights I take a bath with AHAVA dead sea bath salts. I found a cheaper version of this on-line, but while shopping the other day at a beauty supply shop I saw it there and the shop owner gave me a discount. It is WONDERFUL!!! I also put on a relaxation tape. I have NEVER slept so well in my life using this routine. Better than AMBIEN.

    I just wanted to share...I hope you don't mind. Hopefully, someone can get some benefit from something here. Does anyone else use "natural" things to help with insomnia? I will also post the natural site...
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  2. TerryJ2

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    Not really. I still use melatonin but when I ran out of tryptophan I never bought more. I am SO glad that works for you! Very cool. The more natural the better, in my book. :)
  3. AmyW

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    Thanks for the info and I'm glad it's working for you! I've suffered with insomnia since I was in high school and the past few years have been unbearable. I'll give your method a try! :D
  4. totoro

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    I replied over in natural treatments...I have it on my list.
    Even though of course in every "natural" book they have to add a disclaimer about Manic Depression... I am going to try it anyway. I always let husband know what I am doing in case I get whacked out!!! I just need a break from Ambien. I have also started working out again. :( :)
  5. Big Bad Kitty

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    So would 1/4 tablet of Melatonin and, say, a turkey drumstick do the same?

  6. Nomad

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    Kinda doubtful...although with- more milder insomnia I have done just that. Had a tiny bit of melatonin and drank some warm milk.
    I am short and am in menopause..trying to lose a few pounds. It seems I have to be very careful of food intake.
    I have never felt this sleepy from eating turkey or warm milk before.
    The tryptophan is powerful.